Monday, 4 February 2013

Indian 'Herbalife' shill quotes Mao!

Here's some much-needed comic-relief for readers:

A deluded 'Herbalife' fanatic from India (who hasn't disclosed his/her name) has sent me a link to this recent, kitsch propaganda video (apparently produced by 'Herbalife India') complete with an arrogant command to remove 'The American Dream Made Nightmare' and a scripted-accusation:

'... you are sick evil man for you try killing hopes and dreams of millions of my brothers and sisters...'

At 10 minutes 38 seconds into the video, a particularly-unconvincing Indian 'Herbalife' shill who steadfastly pretends to be living in a Utopia where everyone is beautiful, perfectly-proportioned, healthy, wealthy, happy and free (thanks to 'Herbalife' products and training), quotes from 'Chairman'  Mao's 'Little Red Book.'

For the benefit of 'Capitalist' readers who are perhaps unfamiliar with these 'Communist' cultural references, the Shill is asking the 'Herbalife' faithful to take Mao as their role-model. He is describing the step by step journey through the 'Herbalife' ranks to become a superhuman 'leader' (which he insists ordinary mortals like himself can undertake), and comparing it to Mao's 'Long March' which (although lasting 370 days during 1934-35 and totalling 8000 miles) is itself considered to be the 'Chairman's' first step towards the supreme leadership of Communist China. Mao later wrote that he was only able to complete his journey to the top, because of all the strong people around him.

I'm now wondering how long the 'Herbalife' Ministry of Truth will allow this highly-revealing admission to remain on the Net?

David Brear (copyright 2013)


  1. Nobody spares a thought for the poor Mexican and Puerto Rican pickers and workers slaving away in a dead end job at the plantations, 80% of which are owned by F L. Those smiling faces in the official production video hide the truth. All that suffering to enable a small minority to reap the benefits at the top of the scheme. My heart goes out to these people and the conditions they are forced to endure.

    1. Anonymous - I'm presuming that you are referring to the 'Forever Living Products' racket? and that you have posted this comment on a 'Herbalife' article by mistake?

      Don't worry, seeing as all these 'MLM income opportunity' rackets are essentially the same, it was a very easy mistake to make.

  2. What about the banking system? The pension systems around the world? Aren't they just as corrupt and unscrupulous? And the Vatican? Mafia affiliated politicians and various corporate bribery scandals?

    1. Anonymous - If you take the trouble to examine my Blog, you will discover that I have been trying to shine a light on all forms of non-rational ritual belief system which have been established for the clandestine purpose of human exploitation - no matter how these systems have been camouflaged.

      That said, the title of my Blog should give you a clue that I've particularly concentrated on 'MLM income opportunity' rackets, because I have witnessed the chilling effects of these in my own family and because the bosses of 'MLM' rackets have even eclipsed 'Mafia' wise-guys - becoming effectively above the law.

      Many people would also say that banksters have become effectively above the law.