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Doug Wead & Patrick Buisson - blackmailers of Presidents, Bush and Sarkozy?

I've recently been asked if I believe that senior agents of the US Federal Trade Commission will do their job and pursue a thorough investigation of 'Herbalife,' when, for years, the FTC has been protecting 'MLM income opportunity' fraud?

This article begins to explain:-

- just how deeply, and easily, traditional culture has been infiltrated by the absurd, but nonetheless pernicious, 'MLM income opportunity' fairy story. 
- just how easy it is to deceive and manipulate persons who are certain that they cannot possibly be deceived and manipulated.

'MLM' racketeer, 'Pastor' Doug Wead, the man who shook the American Right

Over the years, Doug Wead has made millions of dollars by steadfastly pretending to be a wealthy, 'Multi-Level Marketing expert' and 'Compassionate Christian' philanthropist who has a secret knowledge which can enable ordinary poor humans to transform into wealthy superhumans (just like him), and that he is prepared to share this secret knowledge with anyone (for a price)

In other words, Doug Wead is a blame the-victim 'MLM Income Opportunity' cultic racketeer, but he has apparently pursued a parallel career as a blackmailer of George W. Bush, whom he once approached, and befriended, in the role of 'historian, author and 'special adviser' to President George Bush Snr.' In Brief, during the 1980s and early 1990s, Doug Wead, a pastor in a 'Prosperity Gospel / Domionist Church' known as the 'Assemblies of God,' was employed by President George Bush to help him to pretend affinity with voters from the 'Religious Right.'

At this time, Doug Wead, worked alongside George W. Bush.

In the late 1990s, Wead was consulted (in the capacity of 'spiritual advisor') by George W. Bush, when he was still Governor of Texas, but planning to stand as Presidential candidate. Wead then abused his position of trust and secretly tape-recorded his private conversations with George W. Bush. In 2005, a few tantalising extracts were released by Wead to the New York Times. In these, Bush began to make indirect confessions about his private life; particularly, his previous abuse of alcohol and narcotics. Bush also spoke of his non-conservative attitude towards homosexuality. At the time, certain commentators speculated that these extracts were released as a warning to George W. Bush and the Republican party, and that Wead probably held much more damaging material in reserve. 

Timothy Muris
Photo of David  Scheffman
David Scheffman

Perhaps it's all just an unfortunate coincidence?, but prior to these sinister events, in 2001, newly-elected President George W. Bush had appointed one of the 'Amway' mob's own attorneys, Timothy Muris, as Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.  Muris then just happened to appoint David Scheffman as the FTC's new Chief Economist (a post which Scheffman had previously held 1985-1988). 

In 2000, Scheffman had enthusiastically represented a gang of blame-the victim 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers hiding behind a fake 'direct selling' company known as 'Equinox International.' Scheffman had appeared in court and steadfastly pretended that Equinox was not a pyramid scheme, insisting that his expert opinion was based on the fact that  'Equinox' was a regulated-member of the Direct Selling Association and operated exactly like 'Amway.' 

Despite Scheffman's jargon-laced lies, the FTC eventually succeeded in closing the 'Equinox' racket and recovering $50 millions for victims, but prosecutors had estimated that at least $330 millions had been taken from the public. 

Amazingly, Scheffman, a de facto agent of criminals, remained hiding in plain sight at the FTC's Bureau of Economics for two years, 2001-2003, during which time, Orwellian modifications were made to the federal government's policy towards pyramid schemes dressed up as 'MLM/Direct selling income opportunities.' In short, the FTC steadfastly pretended to be protecting America's consumers, whilst a number of its senior agents began to protect 'MLM' racketeers to the detriment of the public.

Doug Wead's own connections with the 'Amway' mob, and particularly with Dexter Yager, go back many years. 

However, in 2007, Doug Wead and Dexter Yager's long-time criminal associate, Jean or John Godzich, was convicted and sentenced in France to a three year prison term (in absentia) for stealing 6 millions Euros from his bankrupt French 'MLM' front company, 'Le Groupement.'  An international arrest warrant for Godzich (a former 'Amway Diamond Distributor'), has never been enforced, because the USA doesn't permit the extradition of its citizens.

In recent years, Wead and Godzich have been peddling a new, deadly chapter of the pernicious 'MLM' fairy story entitled, 'Xango.'

See original image
Patrick Buisson, the man who shook the French right.

As far as I know, Patrick Buisson has never been involved in any 'MLM' cult, but he has lately been exposed as a (failed) blackmailer of former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy whom he once approached, and befriended, in the role of 'historian, author and political adviser,' but who is now described as a cult-style guru and skilled mental manipulator.

Indeed, the similarities between Patrick Buisson and Doug Wead, are quite astonishing. Whilst somewhat ironically, the French word 'buisson' means a small bush.

In brief, against the advice of his conservative Republican, political allies, President Sarkozy employed Patrick Buisson (a man known to hold extreme right wing views and who has acted as a go-between for certain conservative Republican, and extreme right wing, politicians) to help him to pretend affinity with supporters of the French National Front. In other words, in the run up to the French Presidential election of April 2012 (won by Socialist, Fran├žois Hollande), Buisson was seen by the increasingly-unpopular, sitting President Sarkozy, as the man who held the secret of winning a second term. However, during 3 years, Buisson abused his position of trust to record, in secret, hundreds of hours of Sarkozy's private conversations. Recently, a few tantalising extracts have been released to the press, but it is widely-believed that Buisson could be holding far more damaging material in reserve; for Nicolas Sarkozy is a man with more than the avererage number of skeletons rattling in his closet.  It has also been revealed that, apart from being paid 120 000 Euros annually to act as a 'Presidential Policy Advisor,' the President aranged for approximately 10 million Euros of French tax payers' money to be given to a company controlled by Patrick Buisson, in exchange for 'opinion polls.'

Via his attorney, Patrick Buisson first insisted that no secret tape recordings of the President existed. He then claimed to have recorded his conversations with Nicolas Sarkozy accidentally. 

Most-recently, only when faced with a lawsuit filed by Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Buisson has begun pretending that his private recordings were stolen, and that he had no part in releasing any of them to the press. 

One thing is certain, with a few notable exceptions, almost everyone who has come into contact with Patrick Buisson, is now terrified to say anything. 

David Brear (copyright 2014)

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