Sunday, 3 May 2015

'Herbalife (HLF)' victim complains of death threats.

The latest, disturbing episode in the cultic tragicomedy entitled 'Herbalife', forms part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity.

Readers are reminded that, for decades right under the noses of law enforcement agents, regulators, journalists, etc., the instigators of numerous copy-cat  'MLM income opportunity' cults have been allowed to run a form of protection racket in which they have offered (in return for continued-payment and unquestioning obedience) a never-ending chain of victims (comprising countless millions of ill-informed, and often vulnerable, individuals) a stark choice between doom (in the form of poverty, debt, misery, enslavement, sickness, etc. outside their groups) and salvation (in the form of prosperity, happiness, freedom, health, etc. inside their groups). 

Thus, in order to prevent or divert investigation and isolate themselves from liability, whenever the under-bosses of 'MLM income opportunity' cults have been caught habitually abusing rank and file adherents, the bosses of these groups have invariably felt obliged to excommunicate the guilty offenders whilst steadfastly pretending that they themselves were completely ignorant of what had been occurring and that these crimes were contrary to their organizations' ethical codes of conduct and, therefore, were entirely the responsibility of the individuals who committed them and not that of the organization or its leadership.. 

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Hispanic Victim Files Complaint WIman Police Against Herbalife Distributor & Emergency Order of Protection Issued By Judge In the Circuit Court of Lake County Illinois

Waukegan – A Hispanic Victim of Herbalife Ltd. filed an official police complaint, accusing a local Herbalife Distributor of threatening his life. Mr. Gilberto Melchor Sanchez filed a complaint with the Waukegan Police Department and was also granted a temporary Order of Protection by a Judge in the Circuit Court of Illinois Nineteenth Judicial Circuit of Lake County.
In the complaint, the victim has alleged that the distributor has threatened his life, used profane language and attempted to physically assault him.   He has also named the respondent’s company, Herbalife Inc., in the complaint because the respondent identified to the victim that because she was part of Herbalife nothing could be done to her if she eliminated him.
The victim has also mentioned that the Respondent has been threatening him ever since he refused to continue to be a member of her nutrition club and pay $300 a month plus continue to bring more victims to the club. Despite filing complaint with the police against Ms. Irasema Casco, Mr. Melchor Sanchez fears for his safety because the Respondent threaten him and specified the fact that the victim was an immigrant & that no law enforcement agency would protect him.
Gilberto Melchor is represented by Jed Stone and Latonya Burton of the Waukegan law firm Stone & Associates.  Attorney Jed Stone commented, “Herbalife is a pyramid scheme that preys on lower income families.  Mr. Melchor has the courage to report Herbalife to federal and state fraud authorities.  His reward for being courageous is being threatened with physical harm. Intimidation will not work. Justice will not tolerate their tactics.”
Julie Contreras President of LULAC of Lake County stated,”There is a pernicious problem that plagues vulnerable immigrants where the perpetrators of fraud use that same vulnerability to elude punishment.”
Pastor Emma Lozano of Lincoln United Methodist Church said, “This is immoral and sinful how Herbalife goes after the most vulnerable of our people.  We will stand and defend Mr. Melchor.  He is an example of strength and courage.”

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  1. A commentator (who wishes to remain completely anonymous) has contacted me offline to say that she personally witnessed fist fights and threatening behaviour amongst 'MLM Jewel Distributors,' and that how these 'admired and respected' leaders behaved in public and how they behaved in private, were completely different.