Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mumsnet Members create 'Timeless Vie' (the cryptic antithesis of 'Forever Living').

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Readers of this Blog might like to visit 'Timeless Vie' (the cryptic antithesis of 'Forever Living').

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After witnessing robotic 'MLM' recruiters amongst their own friends and families, a number of members of the British Internet forum, Mumsnet, created the concept of Bot-Watching (i.e. laughing at the scripted antics of 'MLM' adherents, but with the serious goal of shining a light on the problem).

Mumsnet members have recently created 'Timeless Vie' -  a outrageously funny exposure of 'MLM' cultic rackets in general, but particularly those which have mainly preyed on women. 'Forever Living Products' seems to be the most virulent 'MLM' racket of this type, currently infesting the UK.

Mumsnet has brought together the most significant group of insightful, and determined, people in the UK ever to start to examine the 'MLM' phenomenon. They have quickly uncovered the extraordinary scale, and underlying cultic nature, of the problem: the disturbing results of which have been all-too evident on social media.

 'Timeless Vie' is a valuable attempt to halt the spread of the 'MLM' fairy story, but its creators accept that they have little chance of influencing the most gung-ho 'MLM' fanatics.

David Brear (copyright 2016).


  1. Hi
    Just a quick one
    Adam May used to be number 2 in Flp
    So secure in forever that if your not in Flp anymore ,!,,
    He tells your forever Facebook friends ( a friend in forever is a friend for life)
    That they have to block you
    If they don't he will not help them
    He's very grown up and so secure
    Craig Morgan

    1. Thanks Craig. Adam May looks a right slimy piece of work.

  2. Do you know about the marketing plan?

    I've been with FLP for 2 years now and I can say it is not a scam or money game scheme.

    It has 3 concepts that differentiate FLP with other MLM.

    It has no middle man,
    No points to maintain,
    And no pairing/matching.

    The marketing plan is very simple and generous. :)

    1. Your comment is scripted-babble and it has only been posted to demonstrate how 'MLM' adherents are lacking their critical and evaluative faculties.

      The available evidence proves that since its instigation, effectively no participant has ever generated an overall net-profit from the so called 'FLP marketing plan.' Thus anyone bleating that he/she has and that 'FLP is not a scam,' cannot be telling the truth.