Monday, 16 March 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 sparks media-interest in Chinese 'MLM' racket, 'Tiens' a.k.a. 'Tianshi.'

If I were to say that a Chinese-based cult called 'Tiens,' a.k.a. 'Tianshi' ('Heavenly Lion'), was created 25 years ago, and that gradually (right under the noses of law enforcement agents, regulators, journalists, legislators, etc.), the boss of 'Tiens' has been allowed to register dozens of corporate-fronts around the world without any serious attempt by the authorities to investigate, let alone oppose, these, many people would assume that I was talking about an 'Austin Powers' movie. 

Ironically, if I was then to explain that, far from being imaginary, the mystifying global corporate-labyrinth I am describing is completely-real and that the self-appointed sovereign leader of it, Li Jinyuan, continues to entice millions of vunerable dreamers with an unoriginal comic-book fiction - amassing billions of dollars off the backs of these de facto slaves - many people would now assume that it must be me who has swallowed a comic-book fiction as fact.

Unfortunately (as any advertising executive will tell you), if you want to hide something, then make as big as you possibly can. Furthermore, if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, eventually many people will come to accept it as the truth.

In 2014, 'The Guardian' ran a shocking article which began to uncover the 'Amway' copy-cat 'Multi-Level Marketing' cultic racket that has been hidden behind 'Tiens.' This article focused on 'Tiens' in Uganda, but it also explained how 'Tiens' has acquired a corporate presence in more than 100 countries.

Three years ago, I posted a link to a jaw-dropping hidden-camera documentary which again began to uncover the ugly truth lurking behind the 'Tiens/MLM' fairy story. At that time, I did not receive the slightest enquiry about 'Tiens.'

Recently, however, I have had contact with European journalists looking at 'Tiens,' but only because, in the face of Coronavirus, they have now started to consider the real and immediate danger posed by cultic groups peddling medical and economic quackery, 

An enquirer who wanted to know if 'Tiens' has been active in Britain?, was alarmed to discover that the group currently claims 10 000 UK adherents and that it has been shielded by the 'UK Direct Selling Association.'

Another enquirer wanted to know how 'Tiens' can have survived in China, when 'Multi-Level Marketing' was supposed to have been banned there? 

The same enquirer then asked me (in all seriousness) if I think that 'Tiens' could be a corporate-front for the Chinese-equivalent of the CIA?

David Brear (copyright 2020)

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