Monday, 26 March 2012

Park Romney speaks out, but who is listening to his timely warning?


Park Romney and Mitt Romney
             Park B. Romney (b. 1956)                        Willard Milton 'Mitt' Romney (b.1947)                 

According to his own cousin, Park Romney, Mitt Romney (the Republican party's front-runner for nomination as its candidate for the 2012 US Presidential election) is one of the bosses of an organization (presented externally as a 'religion') which has (internally) exhibited the universal identifying characteristics of a pernicious cult.

Mormon Temple Salt Lake City

Park Romney has openly stated that:

'There is compelling evidence that the Mormon Church leaders knowingly and wilfully misrepresent the historical truth of their origins and of the Church for the purpose of deceiving their members into a state of mind that renders them exploitable.'

Park Romney ought to know what he is talking about, because he used to be a link in this chain of self-deceiving deceivers himself. Typically, the closed-logic narrative which modifies the personalities and behaviour of all core-'Mormons,' has systematically categorized, condemned and excluded all former, unquestioning adherents (who have recovered their critical and evaluative faculties and challenged its authenticity) as 'Apostates.'

John Sweeney

Personally, I find it symptomatic of the world we live in that a star BBC investigative journalist, John Sweeney, who once made world headlines for challenging the closed-logic  'Scientology' fiction, has uncovered the startling fact that core-'Mormon' adherents, like Mitt Romney, are obliged to wear special underwear, but he completely fails to mention that Mitt Romney has been secretly receiving millions of dollars of stolen money from the grinning-instigators of 'NuSkin,' an 'MLM income opportunity' racket, or that these sanctimonious billionaire 'MLM' racketeers also happen to be core-'Mormon' adherents who have been handing over a significant proportion of their ill-gotten gains to other sanctimonious bosses of the 'Mormon Church.' 

Blake Roney - Sandie Tillotson - Steve Lund

It's no wonder that the 'NuSkin' triumvirate, Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund, are so interested in Mitt Romney becoming US President, because if he ever achieves that office, there will be very little chance that US federal law enforcement agents will ever ask them the following question:

Where has the bulk of your alleged 'MLM income opportunity's'  alleged 'sales-revenue' actually come from:

the regular retailing of goods, and/or services, to the public by the participants


from the constantly-churning  participants' regular, losing-investments laundered as 'sales?'

An honest answer to this question would mean that Mitt Romney, along with various other 'Mormon' leaders, could all be facing criminal investigation for breaching the US Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970.


'NuSkin' Executive Board

NuSkin' is neither original nor unique, it is merely the name over the entrance to a 'Mormon' copy-cat of 'Amway.'

David Brear (Copyright 2012)


  1. AS long as you are occupying google ranking with this article and displacing Park Romney's own ranking on the 1st page of Google results, why not at least include a link to Park Romney's website on this page?


    1. Might I ask why you are so concerned?

      You may contact me via e-mail

    2. Concerned would be an overstatement. Perhaps mildly annoyed while somewhat amused....because I'm Park Romney :-)

    3. I suspected that might be the case Mr. Park Romney. Thus, you are directly concerned, but not in the sense of being worried.

      I'm fascinated to know what you know about your famous cousin's financial involvement with 'Mormon MLM' racketeers?

      Indeed, I'm fascinated to know what you know about 'Mormon MLM' rackets in general.

  2. Not much at all. I did, however, make these comments that are relevant to the ethics and philosophy of such ventures... Is the Apparent Selfishness of Mitt Romney Evidence of a Larger Problem

    1. Thanks - 'Multi-Level Marketing' is a term which was coined in the 1940s to hide closed-market swindles (aka pyramid schemes). These swindles are invariably the entrances to cultic blame-the-victim advance-fee frauds which shut down the critical, and evaluative, faculties of their victims using coordinated devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion.

      The same techniques are popularly referred to as 'brainwashing' and they are also to be found in cultic groups presented as 'religions' (including the 'Mormon Church').

      Today, hundreds of so-called 'MLM' companies are fronts for cultic rackets and millions of people are being churned through these rackets annually around the world.

      Many 'MLM' rackets ('Forever Living Products', 'USANA', 'Nuskin') were instigated, and remain controlled, by 'Mormons.'