Sunday 2 January 2022

'Cosmopolitan' reveals only some of the truth about 'MLM' cultic racketeering in Britain.

Sadly, many British journalists have been obliged to keep describing 'Multi-Level Marketing' as 'legal,' even though privately they freely-admit that no participant can make money from it and that neither they nor their editors, fully-understand what 'MLM' really is. 

The reasons why this timid media approach has come about are various, but essentially 'MLM' appears to be legal, mainly because the authorities have allowed it to exist in the UK without any determined attempt to discover the truth about it and the damage it has caused, let alone mount a well-informed challenge to its legality.

That said, Journalists looking at 'MLM' have almost without exception been unaware that, in the UK, the Fraud Act 2006 (section 3), defines the crime of fraud by the withholding of information

In respect of the 'MLM' phenomenon, to date, journalists have also made no distinction between what is legal and what is lawful. 

The women quitting multi-level marketing schemes (

"According to the (UK) Direct Selling Association (DSA), there are 631 000 direct sellers in the UK, 96% of whom are women."

The above, is a quotation from yet another quite-revealing media article, posted 27th December 2021. However, decades of evidence (in the form of millions of ill-informed people who have been churned through so-called 'MLM Direct Selling schemes' leaving their money behind) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that this jargon-laced 'DSA' statement is classic propaganda - designed to hide a criminal racket. Indeed, even the employees of so-called 'DSAs' who have broadcast this bedazzling BS, have had little idea what 'MLM' is or what their own role in it has been.

Thus, once the above is understood, it should come as no surprise that all carefully-scripted propaganda being constantly pumped out by the so-called 'UKDSA' has ignored the fact that the accepted annual net-loss/churn rate for 'MLM' participation has always been in excess of 50%. In some cases, it has been discovered to have been in excess of 90%. This means that contrary to what 'UKDSA' propaganda has implied, the number of UK citizens being churned annually through 'MLM' rackets leaving their money behind, is currently in excess of 315 thousands, or 3.15 millions per decade.  

This also means that the overall net-loss/churn rate for 'MLM' participation has been building-up exponentially in the UK (since the first such racket, 'Amway,' arrived in Britain from the USA in 1973), to the point where this hidden rate has long-since reached effectively 100%.

Had the author of the Cosmopolitan article, Helen Packer, just stopped for a moment and applied common-sense, she might have started to wonder:

  • Why have all these constantly-churning losing British contractors of so-called 'MLM' companies been arbitrarily labelled as, 'direct sellers,' when virtually none of them can have actually been selling products directly to members of the general public based on value and demand?
  • What % of these so-called 'direct sellers' have managed to find the money/credit elsewhere to remain under contract to so-called 'MLM direct selling' companies for more than: one year, two years, three years, four years, five years, etc.?
  • What reason would explain why the true financially-catastrophic results of 'MLM' participation have never been made public by UK-registered so-called 'MLM direct selling' companies or by the so-called 'UKDSA' (of which they are members) in an easy to understand format?

David Brear (copyright 2022)