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'Herbalife (HLF)' under boss, John Peterson, found dead.

When faced with persistent accusations of fraud, and/or cultism, and the possibility of criminal investigation, the bosses of  various 'MLM income opportunity' rackets have publicly fingered, and then excommunicated, their own junior partners in crime, whilst steadfastly pretending that they were not only completely innocent of any wrongdoing themselves, but also completely unaware that any unlawful activities had been occurring within the ranks of their organizations. When the wider-picture is examined, these transparent tactics constitute obstruction of justice in order to continue to commit fraud. As such, they clearly form part of an overall pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970).

As long ago as the 1980s, the bosses of the 'Amway' mob successfully dodged criminal investigation in France, when 'admired and respected Diamond Distributor,' Jean Godzich, was air-brushed out of the fairy story for 'breaking Amway's Code of Ethics.' This was after widespread French media accusations that 'Amway' had been hiding both a pyramid fraud and a form of cult. For years prior to these dramatic events, Godzich had, in fact, been allowed to peddle many millions of dollars of effectively-valueless publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc. on the fraudulent pretext that these 'optional training materials' contained secrets vital to achieving success in 'Amway' and 'Total Financial Freedom.' After this public excommunication, the 'Amway' racket virtually vanished in France, enabling Godzich to use his former 'Amway Network' as the launching pad for a copy-cat 'MLM income opportunity' racket, operated behind a new (apparently independent) corporate labyrinth known as 'le Groupement (GEPM).' It took a further 10 years, and at least 300 000 more French 'MLM' victims, before Godzich (who was facing a new criminal investigation) finally ran away to the USA taking several $ millions (stolen from his, now bankrupt, 'GEPM' front company) with him. 

An international arrest warrant (issued in 2010) is still apparently outstanding for Jean Godzich who, during his 'Amway' and 'Groupement' years, was closely linked to 'Amway's top earning Distributor', Dexter Yager (pictured above) via Doug Wead.

In 2007, the bosses of the 'Amway' mob again successfully dodged criminal investigation, this time in the UK, when various 'admired and respected Diamond Distributors', including Jerry and Mandy Scriven (pictured above), were air brushed out of the fairy story for again peddling hundreds of millions of dollars of what 'Amway UK's' corporate officers now described as unapproved 'training materials' or 'tools.' Since the 1980s, the Scrivens had also been closely-linked to Dexter Yager and his labyrinth of front companies known as, 'International Business Systems.' Subsequently, a corporate officer of 'Amway UK Ltd.,' committed perjury when she submitted a false deposition to the UK High Court in which she steadfastly pretended that the company had been completely unaware of the deceptive practises used by the company's top UK distributors.

After excommunication, the Scrivens created a website on which they openly stated that, at all times, they had acted with the full-knowledge, approval and even enthusiastic participation of the corporate officers of 'Amway' UK Ltd.' Amazingly, the Scrivens were neither charged with fraud themselves, nor called as prosecution witnesses, when the UK government tried, but failed, to bankrupt, and close, 'Amway UK Ltd. in 2008. 

'Herbalife' boss, and world-class liar,  Michael Johnson.

'Online Business Systems (OBS)' was a typical corporate front, or 'Network,' used not only to recruit 'MLM Income Opportunity' victims, but also to prevent, and/or divert investigation, and isolate the bosses of the 'Herbalife' racket from liability. Indeed, for years, the criminal activities of the ostensible bosses of 'OBS,' brought in fortunes for the the bosses of 'Herbalife.' Thus, at all times, the corporate officers of 'OBS' had acted with the full-knowledge, approval and even enthusiastic participation of the corporate officers of 'Herbalife'

'OBS' had previously been known as 'Global Online Systems (GOS)' - a company judged to be a criminal 'scheme of pyramid selling' by a Canadian federal court in 2004. However, both these (apparently independent) corporate structures have in fact, merely been constituent parts of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity. This classic Mafia-style system has been used to perpetrate various advance fee frauds linked to the closed-market swindle operated behind the fake 'direct selling' company known as 'Herbalife.'
'GOS' appeared to be independently operated by Deborah Stoltz and her sister Marilyn Thom. Yet, the 2004 Canadian judgement required these corporate officers to reform their previously unlawful 'business practices,' and to make full disclosures about how much money the company had been taking from Canadian 'Herbalife' adherents by peddling them publications, recordings, tickets to meeting, 'leads' (i.e. the  names of alleged potential recruits), etc.
Shawn Dahl, Deborah Stolz (left)
In 2004, the corporate officers of 'GOS' were also required to notify all their 'customer's' of the company's criminal conviction. However, before the ruling was announced,  the activities of 'GOS,' were transferred to a copy-cat corporate structure, 'OBS,' ostensibly run by Nicole Dahl (the daughter of Ms. Stoltz) and her husband, Shawn Dahl.

Propaganda websites previously operated by the bosses of 'GOS,' were simply re-labelled 'OBS.' One website persuaded 'GOS' adherents to register with 'OBS' and openly admitted that they would remain in the same 'network:' 
'Your Herbalife lineage remains the same regardless of the changes to your new marketing system.'
The previous members of 'GOS network' became part of the Dahl’s own 'Herbalife network', immediately promoting the couple in the elite group of 50 exemplary shills in the so-called 'Chairman’s Club.' However, Ms. Stoltz and Ms. Thom also continued to be shills.
At the time, the 'Herbalife' Ministry of Truth described these events as: 
'the company's 350-strong global distributor business practices and compliance team taking pro-active and responsive measures to identify, research, and address each and every infraction of Herbalife’s distributor rules and applicable regulation and law.'
In reality, faced with possible criminal investigation,  the bosses of the 'Herbalife racket were merely distancing themselves from the criminal activities lurking behind 'GOS' and 'OBS.'
This prompted Mr. Dahl to abandon 'Herbalife'  for another 'MLM Income Opportunity' racket where he could continue the profitable activity of peddling so-called 'leads.'
'Herbalife' subsequently, announced that it had 'banned the sale of leads to or by distributors entirely.' 

Then, it was suddenly announced by 'Herbalife' boss, Michael Johnson, that his 'direct selling' company's top-earning 'salesman', John Peterson, had died in a tragic 'accident,' 

At this point, I was immediately asked if I thought he could have been murdered? The same enquirer also asked me (in all seriousness) how many more people do I think will have to die, before the FBI investigates 'Herbalife?'

Expendable 'Herbalife' under-boss, John Peterson.

For those readers who don't yet know, John Peterson's corpse was recently found slumped in a Ford pickup truck at his trophy-home in the upscale ski resort of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Although the 'Herbalife' Ministry of Truth initially said that Peterson's death was an accident,  soon afterwards, the Steamboat Springs Sheriff's office informed the press that 'Herbalife's' top salesman appeared to have committed suicide via a single gun shot to the head. However, this explanation is by no means definitive, whilst 'Herbalife' now says it can't comment .

Thirteen years ago, the original author of the 'Herbalife' fairy story, Mark Reynolds Hughes, was also found dead in his trophy-home, in very mysterious circumstances. The background to Hughes sudden death (http://articles.latimes.com/2000/may/22/local/me-32795), should have placed the dark scenario that he was the target of a Mafia-style hit (made to look like a suicide or tragic accident), very high on the list of possible explanations, but this doesn't seem to have been fully-investigated  


Behind the 'Herbalife' fairy story, and all his impressive-sounding (made-up) 'Herbalife' ranks and titles, John Peterson (1955-2013) was only one of the organization's expendable under-bosses. For years, he was constantly presented in the reality-inverting 'Herbalife' propaganda as an exemplary role-model of limitless 'MLM' prosperity, happiness and freedom - earning $millions annually from commissions on the sales of products by 200 thousands 'Distributors' automatically-multiplying beneath him in the organization. 

In the adult world of quantifiable reality, Peterson was a typically-excited, and avuncular, motor-mouthed shill dressed up as a businessman. It almost goes without saying that he was yet another (otherwise-mediocre) little, grinning charlatan play-acting the unoriginal comic-book role of ordinary poor working man: turned multi-millionaire 'MLM' superman (admired by men and desired by women) who was prepared to share his miraculous secret knowledge with anyone (for a price).



N.B.   'Shill' or 'Schill' (a.k.a. 'Outside Man'), is American slang for one of a crew of charlatans who is used to lure victims into frauds, particular rigged gambling games, by appearing to be an ordinary everyday guy in the crowd who keeps winning. In the classic sleight-of-hand scam known as, the 'Shell Game', (a.k.a. 'Three Card Monte', 'Three Card Trick', 'Three Card Molly', 'Chase The Lady', 'Chase The Ace', etc.), victims are deceived into believing that the game is genuine and anyone can win, by the use of innocent-looking shills, often with highly-distracting females on their arms. In the end, no victim can win, because they are up against a team of experienced criminals who all act-out a carefully-scripted, reality-inverting scenario. If a losing victim begins to challenge the honesty of the front man 'Handler' (a.k.a. 'Tosser'), other muscle-bound criminals, also pretending to be ordinary members of the crowd, will falsely-accuse the victim of cheating, kick over the table, start a fight or an argument, etc., all these are distractions created just to enable the 'Tosser' to run away with the money. Complaining-victims can also be silenced by telling them that they cannot go to the police, because they were breaking the law by gambling in the street.


So, to get back to the question of whether I think Peterson was murdered?

At this point, I don't actually know, but I have to say that (in my not so humble opinion) the background to Peterson's sudden death, places the dark scenario that he was the target of a Mafia-style hit (made to look like a suicide or accident), very high on the list of possible explanations.  

  • Despite thoughtless media reports, currently, no solid evidence has been produced proving that Peterson, or indeed any other Shill, had/has made one cent of overall net-profit out of his so-called 'Herbalife Direct Sales Business.'
  • Similarly, despite thoughtless media reports, no solid evidence has been produced to prove that Peterson, or indeed any other shill, had/has ever sold anything directly to the general public other than the profitable lie that anyone can become financially-free by duplicating a proven business building plan to buy a fixed quota of 'Herbalife' products each month,  whilst recruiting other persons to duplicate the same plan of recruitment and self-consumption, etc., ad infinitum.
  • Due to the fact that they have to keep acquiring, and flaunting, the kitsch trappings of wealth (trophy: cars,  helicopters, planes, yachts, houses, wives, etc.), 'MLM' shills like Peterson invariably turn out to be living the lie that they are financially free, when they are actually up to their eyeballs in a sea of mounting debts.
  • The 'Herbalife' front-company is currently the subject of a monumental short-selling battle on Wall St. between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn (who reportedly made half a billion dollars by supporting Michael Johnson's 'Herbalife' fairy story, thus, temporarily re-inflating the front company's previously-deflating share value).
  • 'Herbalife' is the effectively-valueless corporate-front for an ongoing major organized crime group hiding a blame-the-victim closed-market swindle (dressed up as a 'lawful income opportunity') and related advance fee frauds (dressed up as 'optional training and motivation programs').
  • Since the 1980s, Peterson had been one of the criminals operating the related advance fee frauds lurking behind 'Herbalife.'
  • Peterson expanded the 'Herbalife' racket in Mexico.
  • Due to mounting concerns about 'Herbalife' deliberately targeting members of America's Hispanic community (including illegal immigrants), the front company has recently drawn the attention of Hispanic members of the US Congress

N.B. In recent years, the thought-stopping term 'selling leads,' has been widely-used by 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers to hide a related-fraud in which shills have been used to steal countless millions of dollars by steadfastly pretending that one of the secrets of their own success, is they have access to 'computer software' which can 'generate endless lists of interested-prospects' who are all willing to sign up, and that they are willing to share this miraculous, perpetual, money-making technology with anyone (for a price).


  • For many years, Peterson, and various criminal associates (including excommunicated 'Herbalife' schill,Shawn Dahl), had been peddling so-called 'leads.'
  • Earlier this year, the 'Herbalife' bosses announced that they had banned the sale of 'blind leads' in their organization (because of a string of complaints to the US Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/foia/frequentrequests/1301herbalifecmpts.pdf ), effectively cutting Peterson off from one of his main sources of income.
  • The 'Herbalife' bosses have steadfastly pretended to have been previously unaware of the deceptive practise of 'selling leads.'
  • Had Peterson been persuaded to tell the truth to law enforcement agents and prosecutors (i.e. that he had at all times been acting with the full knowledge, approval and enthusiastic participation of the corporate officers of 'Herbalife'), he could have brought about the collapse of not only the 'Herbalife' racket, but also the entire phenomenon of  'MLM Income Opportunity' racketeering.

David Brear (copyright 2013)