Thursday, 2 August 2012

'MLM' racketeers have hidden behind 'Super Pacs.'

In 1945, whilst most, contemporary mainstream commentators were unable to look beyond the ends of their noses, with a perfect sense of irony, George Orwell (1903-1950) presented fact as fiction in an insightful 'fairy story' entitled, 'Animal Farm.' He revealed that totalitarianism is merely the oppressors' self-gratifying fiction mistaken for fact by the oppressed. In the same universal allegory, Orwell described how, at a time of vulnerability, almost any people's dream of a future, secure, Utopian existence can be hung over the entrance to a totalitarian deception. Indeed, the words that are always banished by totalitarian deceivers are, 'totalitarian' and 'deception.' Sadly, when it comes to examining the same enduring phenomenon, albeit with an ephemeral 'American/Capitalist' label, most contemporary, mainstream commentators have again been unable to look further than the ends of their noses. However, if they followed Orwell's example, and did some serious thinking, this is the reality-inverting nightmare they would find.

All these fully-paid-up members of the so-called 'Direct Selling Association' (and plenty more) claim to be law-abiding enterprises with multi-billion dollar sales figures, but all of them have been hiding the remarkable facts that they haven't ever really sold anything very much directly to the general public, except so-called 'MLM business/income opportunities' which have all had effectively 100% loss/churn rates for a never-ending chain of tens of millions of hopeful participants.

This Blog has been openly-reporting the irrefutable facts that behind their essentially-identical labyrinths of banal corporate fronts, numerous gangs of US-based 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers (including the bosses of 'Amway', ' Herbalife' , 'Nu Skin', 'Xango', 'Melaleuca', 'Usana', 'Mary Kay,' etc.) have all been stealing large quantities of cash, not only from their fellow Americans, but also from countless millions of people all around the world, and that these 'MLM' racketeers have recently used part of their ill-gotten gains to try to buy the Office of US President for Mitt Romney in a blatant attempt to continue to obstruct justice and avoid being held to account for their extensive financial, and psychological, crimes against humanity.

A somewhat naive, European correspondent has asked me: How is it possible that the Obama administration has not done anything to put a stop to this situation?

The answer to this question lies in the way the American political system now dysfunctions as a never-ending series of close-run, Orwellian, races between two factions (Republican elephants and Democratic donkeys), both of which steadfastly pretend to represent the interests of the American people, but which, in reality, have become financially-dependent on a few wealthy influence-buyers. Indeed, as various political scientists and commentators have pointed out, virtually no one in the USA changes their party political affiliations; so (once you disregard non-voters) the pool of persuadable-voters is just 2-3% of the electorate. Thus, the leadership of each of America's Box and Cox ruling factions know that it is an absolute certainty that one of them will win, whilst both groups have apparently become convinced that the more  spent on advertising, the greater the chance of winning. Yet, how can this cosy, little closed-shop (which has also produced massive profits for television stations and political consultants), be in the interests of the American people, let alone the rest of us?

According to the Center For Responsive Politics, the projected, total cost of the forthcoming US elections (for the Presidency, House of Representatives and Senate), is a staggering $5.8 billions.

Graphic showing US election rise  in spending
Having said that, the Center for Responsive Politics admits that its figures might be grossly under-estimated, because so-called 'Super Pacs,' are making their presidential election debut this year. Unlike the official political campaigns, these unofficial campaigns (by another name), have no limits on the amount they can spend on promoting their official candidates (provided they are not seen to 'co-ordinate directly with the official campaigns'). In other words, 'Super Pacs' (which are not obliged to disclose fully who, or what, lies behind them) are an open door for dodging regulation and buying political influence in the USA, and anyone with an ounce of common-sense understands this. Amazingly, the US Supreme Court, in a decision which can only be described as being as daft as it is dangerous, ruled in 2010, that 'political spending' by individuals, commercial corporations and trade unions is allowed under the US Constitution as 'free-speech.' However, how can any part of a cash-dependent, dysfunctional democracy, be described as 'free?'  Thus, it's not difficult to imagine what the founding fathers of the American Republic would have made of the alarming fact that, along with other unofficial campaigns, 'Super Pacs' are projected to raise, and spend, at least $750 millions to try to influence the outcome of this year's US presidential election. So much for government of people, by the people and for people.

It almost goes without saying that various  'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have been hiding behind various so-called 'Super Pacs' in order to make sure that their own obligated-elephant gets elected President.

David Brear (copyright 2012)

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