Thursday, 27 December 2012

The absurd 'Lyoness' propaganda is strangely-familiar.

Readers please note that, as a result of well-informed complaints to Carrefour in France and Lego in Denmark, both these reputable European companies now no longer do business with the 'Lyoness'  racketeers ( Jan 7th, 2013).

'Income Opportunity' racketeers, Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos, 
posing as second generation economic saviours

In 1996, my brother (who was, at that time, a fanatical 'Amway' core-adherent) looked me in the eye and (in all seriousness) tried to convince me that :

Within 10 years, all supermarkets would be closed in Britain, because the 'Amway MLM business model' was taking over.

 My brother then went on to inform me that:
  •  'Negative information about Amway' was 'being fed to the media and to persons like myself, by the owners of other businesses,' who were 'scared to death.'
  •  'Amway' would be 'the dominant business in the 21st. century.' 
  •  'Billions of pounds' were 'at stake in Britain alone.' 
  • I would 'kick myself in the future' for refusing to join 'Amway.'
During 2012, this Blog has received many, similar, scripted-comments from an assortment of intellectually-castrated 'Income Opportunity' cult adherents and thinly-disguised 'Income Opportunity' cult propagandists. Most of this reality-inverting/denying bullshit has not been posted, because 'MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare' is not a platform for the bosses of organized crime groups. However, every now and then, this Blog receives comments which are so absurd that they deserve to be posted.

e.g. This morning an anonymous correspondent attempted to post the following, strangely-familiar, drivel in response to my article on the 'Lyoness' racket : 

'Lyoness is a great company that has the MLM industry scared to death. The old MLM guru's a spreading scam rumors to stop their people from leaving and joining Lyoness. This tactic will not work. By 2015, Lyoness will own the industry. '

Thus, the authors of this comment are attempting to broadcast the extraordinary fairy story that 'Lyoness' is in opposition to 'MLM' and that this Blog is actually a pro- 'MLM' propaganda Site.

'Income Opportunity' racketeer, Hubert Freidl, posing as the world's latest economic saviour.

Now if anyone should still be in any doubt as to whether 'Income Opportunity' groups, like 'Lyoness' and 'Amway' can be described as cults or their core-adherents diagnosed as psychotic:  as part of my research into the 'Lyoness' cult, I recently had a disturbing telephone conversation with a deeply-deluded, Irish 'Lyoness' core-adherent who (in all seriousness) tried to convince me that:

  • 'Within 3 years, 25% of all the world's consumers will be Lyoness members.' 
  • 'Hubert Freidl is going to save the world economy.'

David Brear (copyright 2012)

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  1. The following policy statement is in response to a new 'Lyoness' Lord Hee Haw using the name 'Jamaal,' who has recently tried to place provocative comments on this post:

    Thoughtful comments (supported by quantifiable evidence) are welcome on 'MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare.' However, it is the considered policy of the administrators of this Blog not to publish (without detailed qualification or heavy irony) the reality-inverting anecdotal claims, and/or childish insults, of intellectually-castrated cult adherents, i.e. formally free-thinking persons whose critical and evaluative faculties now do not function, and who merely spout scripted-drivel which has been fed to them by their handlers.