Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The 'Herbalife' (HLF) racket - how a US Senator, Orrin Hatch, obstructed justice.

Orrin Hatch (b. 1934)

It has recently been reported by the mainstream media that, according to a remarkably-frank interview (given 30 years ago by a former, senior US government official, Mervin Shumate),  the federal Food and Drug Administration was prevented from launching a massive operation simultaneously to raid 5 'Herbalife' warehouses and seize their contents (on the grounds that the company had been making fraudulent claims about its pseudo-medical products), by the sudden intervention of the 'Mormon' Republican Senator for Utah, Orrin Hatch (who, at that time, was the head of a powerful Senate Committee to which the FDA was accountable).


It is my considered opinion that Orrin Hatch (who has made a habit of taking large bundles of stolen cash from 'MLM Income Opportunity' racketeers, and who, on numerous shameful occasions has turned up and enthusiastically participated in promoting their frauds) should be facing corruption charges. His only defence is possibly one of ignorance; for if he sincerely believes that  'Herbalife' , 'Xango' , 'Nuskin', 'Forever Living Products,'  etc., have all been entirely lawful enterprises, then Senator Hatch is probably too stupid to be held to account. Sadly, he is far from being the only morally, and intellectually, feeble US politician to have been co-opted by 'MLM' thieves. 

Readers of this Blog, should be interested to learn that I obtained a copy of Mervin Shumate's 1987 'Herbalife'/Orrin Hatch testimony several years ago. It was attached to a copy of an equally shocking 'Multi-Level Marketing' testimony made by another former senior FDA official, William W. Goodrich.

(N.B. For some reason, William W. Goodrich also appears on the Net. as Wiliam H. Goodrich)

Even though it wasn’t his area of responsibility, FDA Legal Counsel (1939-1971) Goodrich, was (in the late 1940s) probably the first senior US law enforcement agent to apply common-sense and deduce that the apparently innocent baby that had been baptised a ‘New Business Model’ (later to become known as: ‘Multi-Level Marketing’) was actually the same old delinquent previously known as a 'pyramid scam.’ 

David Brear (copyright 2013)


  1. Hello, this site is quite enlightening. It articulates what others, like myself, may suspect, but are unable to quite describe.

    After years of resisting the obvious - Amway, I fell for Zeek. So I can attest to your point that "ignorance is vulnerability".

    The question that I have for you: how to purchase a copy of your book?

    1. Thanks for your particularly thoughtful observation - it is very much appreciated.

      As you have probably guessed, it actually took me quite a long time, and a great deal of thinking, to find accurate words to explain how these blame-the-victim 'Income Opportunity' rackets function.

      However, unlike most people confronted with the nightmare of one of these cultic labyrinths, I had the luxury of having sufficient time, and liberty, to search for the solution until I found it.

      In order to understand how any cultic labyrinth functions, the first thing you need to do, is simply apply common-sense and ignore all of the bedazzling, ritual jargon, imagery and pseudo-scientific hocus-pocus which the instigators of these pernicious games of make-believe, steadfastly pretend to be reality.

      I've sent you an e-mail about your request for my booklet.