Sunday, 24 January 2016

'Forever Living Products (FLP)' - Craig Morgan blows the whistle.

Craig Morgan (b. 1963)

Craig Morgan contacted me in December 2015. He is British by birth and a builder by trade. He's also a down-to-Earth businessman and an atheist, but even he was deceived into pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds into the 'Mormon'-controlled blame-the-victim 'MLM income opportunity'  racket known as 'Forever Living Products.'

So how on Earth did this happen?

Craig Morgan's ex-wife is Teresa Jones - a former hairdresser (from the village of Ashworth near Cheltenham): turned de facto 'FLP' slave. 

Craig Morgan remains very concerned for his ex-wife, but he also wants to put a stop to the 'FLP' racket.

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In ten years, Eric Sheibeler recruited thousands of 'MLM' victims, lost approximately $100 thousands as a de facto 'Amway' slave and passed around $4 millions to 'Upline' handlers.

I have to say, that in 20 years of investigating 'MLM' rackets, other than Eric Scheibeler, I have rarely come across an 'MLM' whistle blower of the calibre of Craig Morgan. He says that he is prepared to face absolutely anyone over this.

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Teresa Jones (formerly known as Teresa Morgan-Jones)

(Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but immediately after this article was posted, all the above linked-videos - featuring Teresa Jones telling scripted-lies - suddenly vanished from the Net).

Teresa Jones is one of a significant core-group of 'FLP' adherents who has undergone  the classic radical 'MLM' personality transformation. For the last 9 years, she has been recklessly dissipating all her mental, physical and financial resources to the benefit of the multi-millionaire 'Mormon' bosses of the 'FLP' racket whom she has continued to trust, and follow, no matter what suffering this has entailed.

For 6 years (out of love and loyalty) Craig Morgan secretly subsidised his wife's financially-suicidal 'FLP'-related activities, falsely believing that he was investing in both their futures. During this entire period, Teresa kept her financial records hidden, and Craig only discovered the full truth about his wife's debts 4 years ago, when she dumped him (because he was so physically weakened ,and impoverished, that he was no longer of use) and the couple divorced. Lawyers, and a judge, then became involved, and Teresa's tragicomic accounts were finally declared. The judge commented that she wasn't really in business at all and that, consequently, her so-called 'FLP business' was worthless. In the divorce Craig sought to recover £55 000 which he had inherited from his mother, but he discovered that Teresa was insolvent to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Although Craig was awarded £20 000, and access to his private belongings, in reality, (after legal fees) he's received virtually nothing from his divorce.

Teresa Jones 'Upline Network Leader' has been Adam May, but she's also been completely under the influence of 'MLM Mindset' Guru, Dave O'Connor. It is these sinsister racketeers who have been gathering confidential information from Teresa Jones (on the pretext that they want to help to succeed) and using it to rob her and everyone around her.

It's taken Craig Morgan until today to feel strong enough to speak out publicly. Previously he had been falsely blamed for his ex-wife's debts and depicted by her as a violent and abusive liar and negative loser. Indeed, for a while, Craig was placed under such stress that he required psychiatric counselling and he also developed heart problems.

This is a brief transcript of Craig Morgan's testimony to me (Craig is dyslexic):

December 2010 my mother very unwell. 4 months she was in and out of hospital I was told she only had short time to live
Teresa never once came to see my mother, she had too much to do with her business
Whilst she was ill, my mum gave me and my brother £10000 eachI gave Teresa £5000 because I new she was having money problems because of FLP
The night my mum died, I had to drive Teresa and some of her team to the airport in the early hours of the morning for a Flp profit share rally. She had to go, she had to be there for her team
I had not slept for 3 days 
Forever was far more important than the death of my mother and my health
Yet after that when they returned from rally there were people within the business more intrested and sim pathetic 
At that time of loss and greath I was weak
In the following months I had to clear my house and put it on the market
July was at a forever training a member of the team rushed to hospital heart scare
In and out of doctors they said due to stress I was getting problems
When I was emptying property there was some forever People 
Asking if there is anything that you don't want
Being weak at the time kind and unwell 
I gave most of my mums things away
Now I no that they were telling people how well they were doing
But happy to have hand outs
Probably to sell to prop up there Flp dream
In November /December 
My X paid on my credit cards(at that time she had no credit rating because of her over spend)
So she bought car plan to get profit share
It cost thousands what bullshit
In December I handed over and I have records of this £50000
I said it was to pay the dept so it would make are life better 
Later I found out she paid around £10000 of it to take her mother brother and of course me on a cruse for here mums 80th birthday
She said here business paid for this more bullshit for the Flp facade 
Look how well I'm doing  
February Budapest for profit share ( I was very unwell)
At this time I've had to much bullshit wanted know more
When we were there she paid on my card a river cruse for her team 
And lots of other things were put on my credit cards
She told the team profit share is paying more bullshit
I walked across stage with here for profit share
It was less than £2500 grand
It cost more to buy it 
The death of my mother had paid for this bullshit
More lies to make Flp look GREAT 
Left the hotel I had a very very big room service bill
I had spent most of the time in bed 
Thank forever
On the flight back the flight team were great they could see how unwell I was
They were that concerned they said they would divert
I said no just get me home 
And on the flight a forever person was prospecting a trapped person in the seat by them (they are sick)
It took me two weeks to feel well
It was a Saturday took my wife out for lunch needed to talk to her
Back from profit share rally we had had more bullshit from forever team 
I wanted lunch a talk about the future 
Not been there 10 mins she started to prospect the waiter
I said no more I wanted to do something else was not going to give anymore to Flp
Will not say what she said I will leave that to you
3 weeks later mid Atlantic on the cruse (that the death of my mum paid for )
I was told she did not love me had not helped here in her. Flp life / business / bullshit 
She dumps me yet some other victim bleed dry by Flp 
A fun 16 months  
Bad health 
Sale of a family home 
And robbed 
It's the forever way 
And remember a friend in forever is a friend for life


  1. Thanks for this
    Lots more to come regards Craig

    1. Craig - It's me who should be thanking you. In fact, there are millions of people around the world who will want to thank you!

  2. Craig. You are truly courageous. I can see this helping to save many people. David, great work, as always.

    MN M0bius

    1. MObius - Thanks.

      BTW a British journalist is currently very interested to interview anyone who has been particpating in the MN threads, (particularly members with friends or relatives trapped inside 'MLM' groups). Anonymity is offered to those who require it.

  3. So sorry you had to go through, what I can only describe as a nightmare, Craig. Good for you that you're out of it and exposing the bullshit spinning aka known as Forever Living. It's so sad that these MLM's are able to insidiously zombify its adherents to the extent that they play this mug's game, til there's nothing left to give & cause inexplicable heartache and destruction in the process. Must be refreshing to step out of the fog & live a 'real' life, instead of a make-believe fantasy turned nightmare. All the best!

    1. Thanks so much more to come seen lots of things in six years and the thing I did not like was the bullying
      Regards Craig

  4. This morning, an 'FLP' propagandist signing himself/herself, 'Martin', sent the following 'Scientology-style' comment to this article:

    'Hi Craig I only have one question - has your downward slide been as a response to your own failure to handle your relationship - or your inability to succeed at something you weren't cut out to do? Because from your words it doesn't actually show where exactly FLP has directly contributed to cause physical illness.'

    Martin (who ever you are) you are warned that reality-inverting 'MLM' propagada will not be posted on this Blog without detailed qualification or heavy irony. Furthermore, your puerile attempt to denigrate Craig Morgan and cause him further distress ony serves to prove the validity of my overall anlysis.

    'FLP' is, without the slightest doubt, the corporate front for a blame the victim 'MLM income opportunity' cultic racket, and your attempt to disrupt our public exposure of this dissimulated criminal enterprise, forms part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal RICO Act, 1970).

  5. Well done Craig, its a truly noble thing that you have done to blow the whistle on the corrupt individuals who lord it over the weak. What you have done is truly admirable and I know how hard it must be for you. Thank you for your sincerity and honesty in the face of the inevitable victim blaming that you know you will face. Keep fighting the battle. Best wishes x

    1. Thanks Jessica I'm not stopping
      Regards Craig

  6. Well "Martin" thanks for showing everyone what a nasty,greedy and VERY negative "business" FL is. No compassion at all.

  7. Hi Craig, I can barely imagine the courage it has taken to speak out about your shocking experience with fl. How devastating that it cist you your marriage too. Please know that there are many who are grateful to you for being brave enough to shine a light on this grubby mlm and it's insidious, corrupt activities in this country. Of course, there are also the other kind, those who have a personal vested interest in MLMs like fl continuing to exploit people and milk them of their money, integrity, and independent thought processes. There are also those who have read your story and nodded silently in understanding; people who have their own horror story about their involvement with fl. Maybe now they to will have the courage to speak out. I know there are many victims of this unethical racket out there. Fl knows it too. What will their next move be? We will be waiting to see. Thanks again. MN stopfaffing.

    1. Thanks for you words what ever Flp say it does not get to me now
      After six years of there bullshit I'm Teflon coated
      And more than happy to face them

  8. 'Martin' has now sent a further comment to this Blog in which he addresses me in a friendly way by my first name. He pretends that I have 'not responded' to his question 'at least not on a forum' that he 'would have subscribed to.'

    Thus, 'Martin' has let it slip that he's been reading the MN threads.

    Somewhat revealingly, 'Martin' then says that he has 'nothing to hide fear or worry about' and that he has 'filed' my 'appropriate comments.'

    1. Thank you David for your help and support
      My eyes opened to the Flp lie
      And I hope that I can help others before they lose to much
      Regards Craig

  9. Craig, so truly sorry for the devastation your now ex-wife's involvement in FLP has caused you. Our world has been turned upside down due to Amway. You are very courageous and it sounds like you are on the road to healing. Take care of you.

  10. Well the alarm bells have been ringing for me since four weeks ago when I parted with our £200 and even more so since we were not told about the meetings we must attend every week - well done you

  11. Craig Morgan put a face/name to tens of millions of anonymous MLM victims. It is glaringly obvious to anyone who chooses to see; who chooses to subordinate their own ego, self-centeredness and denial and confront the truth. and the truth is... as a society we have condoned preying upon our fellow human beings in order to stave off our own fears (to satisfy our pride, greed, envy, etc.) Stephen Graziani (of Herbalife internal video) said it honestly and perfectly ... paraphrasing... "who among us, honestly, wants our close family to get into the business? because we know the truth about it! the business is a deception." the problem is, the vast majority are unsuspecting victims. but the handful at the top? they know EXACTLY what they are doing. and as a society, anti-social predators and they ought to be isolated from society, locked up in prisons... to reflect on the harm they have caused millions of fellow human beings.

    1. Thanks Tom and well said. How are you these day?

  12. This blog by David is the start of helping me get the truth out about the MLM forever
    I've had a lot of ups and downs over the last 4 years
    But now with David's help we are on the path to the truth about the Flp scam
    This path he's helped me on is starting to give me peace and put my life back together after all the false hopes from Flp
    Thank you David

    1. I have so many people around me that are being sucked into this scam - so refreshing to see the other side - but sad for you because of how it affected every aspect of your life - my best friend of 34 years has now blocked and deleted me and claims I am trying to ruin her business and take food from the mouths of her children because I am so against this scam apparently it's not a "good look" that her best friend (me) posts links to the Bot Watch/Timeless vie page and that I am actively trying to discourage others from joining Forever - I can see the deeper you get into this "cult" - the deeper the hatred runs for those that disagree with their "business" and see it as exploiting others to fill their own pockets - I am so glad there are people such as yourself being brave enough to come forward and tell the TRUTH behind the LIES - I take my hat off to you Sir .......... Thank you Craig Morgan ......

    2. Anonymous - Unfortunately, your best friend is being exploited by US-based racketeers after having been lured into a trap where she was dissociated from external reality via subjection to coordinated devious techiques of social, psychological and physical persuasion.

      An increasing number of people like you are coming forward to bear witness to the nightmare reality lurking behind the 'MLM Dream'

      The radical personality changes provoked in chronic core 'MLM' adherents are always essentially the same. They systematically interpret all quantifiable evidence challenging the authenticity of their group's comic-book controlling scenarios, to be lies. The most severe and inflexible MLM believers will will trust and follow their 'leaders' no matter what suffering this involves for themselves or their friends and families.

      There are literally hundreds of reality-inverting, blame the victim, copy-cat 'MLM/Prosperity Gospel' cults operating in plain sight today. Only a few, like 'FLP,' have become multi-national.

    3. Yes it's sad when that happens
      But the truth is like cream it works its way to the top
      And friends start to creep back
      After they find out that forever is a cult & a scam
      Regards to you

  13. Forever Living ain't bad, this story is one sided, interview the ex wife

    1. Anonymous - I know this will be difficult for you to comprehend, but please try very hard to understand that the whole point of the article is that Craig Morgan's ex-wife has been a deluded de facto agent of the 'FLP' racketeers and that no evidence exists to prove that anyone has actually generated an overall net-profit from running a so-called 'MLM business.'

    2. Hi would love my ex wife to talk
      She will never do that because she know I've all the evidence

  14. Hi Craig, should I join FLP, it seems trust worthy business, ensuring promising future

    1. aasif bhat - I see from your profile that you are a Moslem.

      Might I ask you what you are doing posting absurd comments on this Blog, apparently in a puerile attempt to taunt a brave victim of a cultic racket that was instigated by an adherent of the 'Mormon Church'

      Might I also ask what would be the penalty in your country if you abandoned your current professed-faith to become a 'Mormon?'

  15. Replies
    1. Craig - Judging by his thoughtless tone, I'm pretty sure that aasif bhat was not asking you a serious question. However, my thought-provoking questions to him, were very serious.