Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ponzinomics - Robert FitzPatrick's new book on the 'MLM' cult phenomenon.

A new book, soon to be released by PSA President Robert L. FitzPatrick, digs into how and why the FTC has not taken decisive action against multi-level marketing companies. Entitled, PONZINOMICS, the FTC’s Protection of Multi-Level Markeing, the 100+ page book is heavily documented and addresses the issues of political corruption, conflicts or interest, backroom deal-making, graft and dereliction of responsibility by FTC officials. Key figures are named; the major evasive actions taken by the FTC are examined; the causes for the neglect are analyzed. PONZINOMICS is the first book to look behind the curtain of what is politely called “regulatory capture” or “influence-buying” and “lobbying” related to pyramid scheme legalization and protection. (Note: The premise and the factual record of this report do not refer to the many hundreds of dedicated people within the FTC but to the political and institutional behavior and policy making of the Commission and some top officials.)  

The term “Ponzinomics” describes a reality today in which verifiable and easily recognizable pyramid schemes are pervasive in communities, presented as legal, viable business, fervently pursued by millions of people and are politically protected by the government. The title reflects a tipping point in the delusional spread of pyramids and its political and cultural influence. Manifestations of Ponzinomics, in addition to MLM, include recurring “bubbles” in the economy, long-term frauds in plain sight, such Bernard Madoff’s and  the recent presidential election of a MLM-owner and promoter with other MLM leaders installed in top levels of the government.
Ponzinomics: noun / pän-zē-ˈnä-miks / a pseudo-economic, all-encompassing, delusional belief system that promotes the swindle of a ponzi or pyramid scheme as a valid economic model promising believers a fulfilling and financially rewarding way of life, complete with mission, values, leadership and worldview. The societal spread of Ponzinomics is necessarily accompanied by governmental collusion. 
The book examines the public’s seduction by MLM’s timely but utterly false promise of “income opportunity” when authentic income opportunity has been declining for millions of people. It also examines MLM’s religious-like depiction of “wealth and success” as total fulfillment and the purpose of life, its capacity to gain near total control over believers’ minds and actions, and its brutal methods of blaming the victims and denigrating genuine work and service. PONZINOMICS will be available in paperback, PDF and as e-book on and from the author.

Ponzinomics Outline of Contents can be viewed HERE.

Below are descriptive characterizations of the book. 

  • For consumers, attorneys, stock analysts or journalists, this is a concise digest and analysis of the relevant issues associated with “multi-level marketing” and current and future regulation.
  • Ponzinomics investigates and analyzes how a pyramid recruiting scheme could become a “business model” and gain the political power to become a state-sponsored “industry.”
  • A cast of high level characters from government, business and law who have profited from the rise of the nation’s first Main Street-based, legalized Ponzi schemes, and includes a few who went to jail.
  • A straightforward account of the FTC’s “regulatory capture” at the hands of the “Pyramid Lobby” and its bi-partisan minions in Washington and state capitals.
  • How the authority and power of a federal agency protects scams while claiming to prosecute them.
  • Shows how Donald Trump became Pyramid-Recruiter-In-Chief and now advances the political interests of MLM leaders.
  • Describes the new era in which pyramid schemes are “legal,” and saying they are not can be illegal.
  • The first interpretation and account of the FTC’s Herbalife “prosecution” – based on the facts of Herbalife and the FTC’s history, rather than on a Wall Street circus.
  • An analysis of the “Amway decision” and “Amway Rules” and how they have been used by the FTC to escape protecting consumers from recruiting scams sweeping the country.
  • The story of a disabled, suppressed and corrupted government agency that millions of citizens still misguidedly look to for protection against pyramid fraud.
  • Insight into the pervasive phenomenon of friends, family and neighbors preying upon each other and the disturbing and self-destructive behavior of MLM believers.
  • Examines the destructive power of MLMs over the minds and lives of millions of people and how that cultic power has become a political force in America on par with the Religious Right.
  • Carefully documented, a succinct reference source on the history and growth of MLM in light of political protection and corruption of government.
  • Clarity on how MLM pyramid schemes work, are designed, and disguised.


  1. When will this be available????

    1. Anonymous - I'm not sure, but you can contact Robert FitzPatrick directly.

      His e-mail address and phone number are published on the 'Pyramid Scheme Alert' Website.