Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympic symbol was perverted by the 'Nu Skin' racketeers and Mitt Romney.

This week, the mainstream British media has savaged Mitt Romney, just because (on a funding-raising visit to London) the multi-millionaire 'Mormon' Republican Presidential candidate made various absurd gaffs, including some churlish remarks doubting Britain's readiness to stage the Summer Olympic Games. 

Sadly, the mainstream media has completely failed to observe that Mitt Romney was probably the last person who should have been making any public statement about the Olympics; for, in return for cash, Mitt Romney enabled gangs of fellow, multi-millionaire 'Mormonsto infiltrate the 2002 Winter Olympics (held in Salt Lake City) and then pervert the Olympic symbol in order to continue to commit, and to dissimulate,  'MLM income opportunity' fraud.

In February 1999, Mitt Romney was hired as President and CEO of the 'Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2002.' In that professional capacity, Mitt Romney arranged for the 'Nu Skin' racketeers to pay $20 millions to 'sponsor' the Salt Lake City Olympics. At the time Romney was hired, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee was facing a budget deficit of approximately $400 millions. Although 'Nu Skin' has been legally-registered as a commercial company, the source of its bosses' timely $20 millions contribution to save the Olympics, was crime.

Immediately after the 'Nu Skin' Olympic 'sponsorship' deal was made public, Romney appeared at a typically-kitsch 'NuSkin' orgy of deluded self-gratification (held in Salt Lake City), attended by more than 10 000 adherents. 

In a glittering, pay-through-the-nose-to-enter, scripted-fairytale, reminiscent of the 'Biblical Golden Calf' (which, incidentally, was also produced entirely from its deluded worshippers' own gold), Romney enthusiatically told the unquestioning 'MLM' multitude that 'NuSkin' and the 'Olympics' were 'about taking control of your life and managing your own destiny.' 

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At the same 1999 assembly, 'Nu Skin' Boss, Steve Lund openly-boasted: 'We have aligned ourselves with the Olympics because this alignment helps you do your jobs better.'  Lund then claimed that the Olympic rings on distributors' business cards would bring them loads of new recruits, and that Olympic affiliation 'will also further mainstream our brands in the business community.'

As part of the Olympic 'sponsorship' deal, 'Nu Skin' and its subsidiary, 'Pharmanex,' gave free 'nutritional supplements' and 'vitamins' to Olympic athletes. At the exactly the same time, the International Olympic Committee was instructing participants not to take any supplements, because of concerns that these might be adulterated with banned substances. The IOC even cited lax US regulation as being part of the problem. However, Mitt Romney insisted that he personally had 'no problem with Nu Skin's quality,' and, as a result, the 'NuSkin' racket was heavily-promoted on television during the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the light of the wider-evidence, the laundering of 20 millions stolen dollars to infiltrate the Olympic movement for the purpose of committing and dissimulating 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, clearly forms part of a pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970). 

To date, no rigorous investigation has ever been pursued into these extensive organized crimes, and, if Mitt Romney, gets elected in November, the chances of any 'MLM' racketeers being held fully to account in the USA, will become virtually zero. That's why these sanctimonious traitors to the American Republic have recently all been throwing more bundles of stolen cash in the direction of their accommodating friend and associate, Mr. Mitt Romney. 

David Brear (Copyright 2012)

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