Wednesday, 5 June 2013

'Lyoness' core-adherents believe they are part of a Master Race.

Should any readers still be doubting whether 'Lyoness' is a pernicious cult which can, and should, be compared to 'Scientology,' the 'Second Ku Klux Klan,' the 'Nazi party,' etc., or that its core-adherents are the deluded de facto slaves of their self-appointed 'Lyonessführer, Hubert Freidl, I suggest that they read this disturbing comment which was sent (anonymously) to this Blog yesterday: 

'I am a believer of Lyoness. I live in the USA and reading all these comments just make me sick. Lawsuit after lawsuit don't stop something so powerful like an organization based on shopping. Why don't smart people like this lawyer throw lawsuits at the government for bringing the whole world in a global recession?? Please..everyone upset boo hoo should look at the big picture, finally a person working harder then most of the people came up with an idea only dreamed of by others. Sharing the the largest opportunity in the world. That is fine if its not for you....the company only has in vision 5% of the worlds population using and embracing the system...everyone else can look at the winners from the side lines. So many dumb comments from people just sitting on their couch and wondering why life is just running by them. Look at yourself to make the changes then comment on others!'

The above comment contains alarming elements of 'National Socialist' propaganda from the 1930s, but re-written in a kitsch 'commercial' jargon, to mirror the spirit of our kitsch capitalist age. However, behind its trendy camouflage, the 'Lyoness' racket is neither original nor unique; consequently, it cannot be fully-understood in isolation.

Self-appointed 'Lyoness' führer, Hubert Freidl.

The above comment clearly demonstrates that the most deeply-deluded 'Lyoness' core-adherents are totally convinced that corrupt government is responsible for the current global recession, but in the up-dated 'Lyoness' version of the 'Nazi' fairy story, führer Freidl is an important historical figure, an enlightened Austrian-born man of providence - an infallible prophet and saviour - who by the sweat of his brow has come along with a revolutionary 'commercial' idea to transform a chosen minority of ordinary poor humans into super humans - just like him.

Furthermore, in the above comment, the 'Lyoness' core-adherent finally describes the essentially 'Nazi' belief that the majority (95%) of humans are inferior losers who are doomed to sit outside and watch the great führer's winning Master Race (5%) enjoying their unlimited rewards in their exclusive Utopian land.

Readers of this Blog are reminded that in Arthurian/Celtic myth, 'Lyonesse' is the name of a Utopian land which, like 'Atlantis,' is supposed to have sunk beneath the sea.

David Brear (copyright 2013)


  1. My article clearly explains that core-'Nazis' were intellectually-castrated losers, suffering from the absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, delusion that they were members of a 'master race.'

    In order to give my readers a well-deserved laugh, an intellectually-castrated 'Lyoness' loser, (who is evidently suffering from the absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, delusion that he/she is going to become a billionaire) has sent me the following comment:


    'Cheap commentary Brear. So it is OK for the Waltons to be billionaires from our shopping, but not ourselves? Now on top of that, he is also a Nazi? The question is, who the hell are you?'

    Readers should note that only a deluded cult adherent could fail to identify him/herself, but then arrogantly demand who I am, when there are well-over 100 signed articles on this blog which explain exactly who I am and exactly what I stand for.

    David Brear (copyright 2013)

    1. And you think he sounds arrogant,Right!

    2. Anonymous - At the risk of being branded arrogant:

      Are you another would-be billionaire-member of führer Freidl's master race?