Wednesday 21 November 2012

David Beckham and Tom Cruise, pretty poster boys for ugly criminogenic cults.

Recently, it has been reported that David Beckham, the former captain of the England football (soccer) team, is about to leave Los Angeles and return to Europe, possibly to play for Paris Saint-Germain or Monaco. Despite the fact that Beckham (who is 37) is way past his prime, apparently many leading clubs are still keen to buy him. 

david beckham tom cruise club de football Un club de foot pour David Beckham et Tom Cruise ?

By a strange coincidence, this Blog has recently received several visits from France via the key-word search, 'Tom Cruise Scientology David Beckham Herbalife.'

As most people know, Tom Cruise first achieved fame as a pretty-boy actor and more-recently he has been described as a global icon - the most powerful movie star on the planet.

At one time, any movie with Tom Cruise in it, was guaranteed to gross over $100 millions at the box office. Any corporation would have to pay a fortune to obtain the endorsement of Tom Cruise.

Yet, again as most people know, Tom Cruise has continued to commit huge amounts of his own time and funds to promote the ‘Church of Scientology;’ an organization which, although registered as a ‘tax-free religious association’ in the USA, is listed as a dangerous cult by agencies of various European governments.

L. Ron Hubbard
It was during his early career, that Tom Cruise was deliberately targeted by ‘Scientology.’ A highly-revealing document entitled, ‘Project Celebrity,’ issued by L. Ron. Hubbard dating from 1963, incited ‘Scientologists’ to seek out ‘any person well known to the public and well liked but who has passed his or her prime, or any rising figure.’ This effective confession of guilt showed that Hubbard was so keen to recruit celebrities and opinion-makers, that his adherents were instructed not to take payment from them at first. To this end, by the early 1970s, Hubbard had organized the acquisition of an impressive mansion in Los Angeles, ‘The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre.’ Its basic function remains, to ensnare rising or falling celebrities, by identifying their weaknesses and by pandering to their existing belief in their own importance.

In 1986, Tom Cruise (aged 24) starred in the smash-hit movie, ‘Top Gun,’ and became an international sex-symbol. He was then approached by ‘Scientology’ through an intermediary, Mimi Rogers (aged 30), an attractive movie/television actress and ‘Scientologist,’ well-known for bringing celebrities into the organization. In 1987, Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers. She took her young husband to the ‘Celebrity Centre,’ where he was welcomed with open arms.

The current leader of ‘Scientology,’ David Miscavige (b.1960), realised that, in Tom Cruise, he’d found everything that L. Ron Hubbard had dreamed of in ‘Project Celebrity.’ The popular star was now selected to become the international ambassador for ‘Scientology.’ 

Like his friend, Tom Cruise,  and again as most people know, David Beckham, first achieved fame as a talented pretty boy, but more-recently he too has achieved the status of multi-millionaire global icon.  

For the last 6 years, David has been playing for Los Angeles Galaxy - a club which (this time) as most people don't know, has been heavily sponsored by the 'Income Opportunity/Prosperity Gospel' cult commonly-known as 'Herbalife.'  

David Brear (copyright 2012)

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