Thursday 30 May 2013

Why is Indian Minister, Sachin Pilot - suddenly the 'Amway/MLM' racketeers' best friend?

India's SP

Although he is only 36 years old, Sachin Pilot (b. 1977) is currently the American-educated, Indian Minister for Corporate Affairs. He has previously worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation in India, as a well as for the American-based multi-national, General Motors. 

Sachin Pilot with his party, and nation's, leader, Manmohan Singh

Sachin Pilot, whose late father, Rajesh, briefly led the the Indian National Congress party, is a member of the same party (now led by the current Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh) as well as a member of Indian Parliament and a serving, regular officer in the Indian Territorial Army. 

America's SP

Unfortunately, young Sachin Pilot (like his American equivalent, Sarah Palin) seems to have been promoted to his lofty governmental post more for his clean-cut, good-looks, than for his intellectual capacities; for, if he sincerely believes that 'Amway India Enterprises' is a 'law abiding and reputable company' (as has recently been reported ), then he is far too stupid even to be making the tea at the Indian Corporate Affairs Ministry, let alone running it.

American 'MLM income opportunity' racketeer, William S. Pinkey, arrested for fraud.

Despite his previous, apparently well-informed pronouncements, on hearing of the recent arrest of the managing director of 'Amway India Enterprises' on fraud charges, young Sachin is reported as saying:

'it is disappointing that such an eventuality came about.' 

'the government will remove as early as possible the ambiguities in laws aimed at tackling fraudulent investment schemes.'

'We (Corporate Affairs Ministry) will work closely with concerned ministries and industries to remove the ambiguity in the law (related to tackling ponzi and other fraudulent schemes) as soon as possible.' 

'While steps should be taken to crack down on fraudulent companies running dubious investment schemes, companies that are reputed and abiding by the law must be delineated,'

'Such events  might negatively affect the prospects of our country as an attractive investment destination,'

'While we take strong actions against ponzi schemes, we need to be careful not to create a vitiating atmosphere for reputed and law abiding companies.' 

When translated into plain English, Sachin Pilot has apparently said that he has absolutely no intention of allowing the Indian police or the courts to do their job and protect the people of the republic of India from the biggest 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers! On the contrary this young fellow is reported as having steadfastly pretended moral and intellectual authority whilst, at the same time, foolishly broadcasting his urgent intention to place all the biggest  'MLM income opportunity' racketeers above the law of the land, before they can be convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

Apart from the fact that young Sachin has already been approached by countless deluded 'MLM' adherents, begging him to save their 'businesses, there is another explanation for his morally, and intellectually, bankrupt commentary. Namely, the billionaire racketeers whom Sachin Pilot now apparently claims he selflessly wants to protect in the wider-economic interests of the people of the Indian republic, have been following the same subversive tactics which have enabled them to dodge criminal prosecution in the USA, and elsewhere, for decades.

Thus, I have some common-sense questions which I would like to put to Mr. Sachin Pilot:

  • What exactly has been your own, and/or your political party's, financial connection, with the foreign-controlled, major, organized crime group known as 'Amway?'

  • What exactly has been your own, and/or your political party's, financial connection with the foreign-controlled, parallel organization known as the 'Direct Sellng Association?'

  • What quantifiable evidence have you seen to prove that any member of the so-called 'Direct Selling Association' has actually been regularly retailing goods, and/or services (based on value and demand) to the Indian public, rather than operating a dissimulated closed-closed market swindle, or pyramid scam, in which unlawful investment payments (based on the false expectation of future reward) have been laundered as retail sales simply by offering a never-ending chain of temporarily-deluded victims of the swindle, effectively-unsaleable wampum?   

  • What possible lawful reason can you supply to explain why you now, urgently don't want the above serious matters to be fully-investigated by independent Indian law enforcement agents and put before independent Indian judges by independent Indian prosecutors? 

In an ideal world, it wouldn't be me putting these common-sense questions to Sachin Pilot. Self-evidently, if they have been reported accurately (and I have no reason to doubt that they have), Sachin Pilot's recent thoughtless pronouncements are further evidence that, due to the length of time it has survived and amount of capital it has already unlawfully-generated, the absurd, but nonetheless pernicious, lie entitled 'MLM income opportunity,' represents an ongoing threat to democracy and the rule of law, all around the globe.

David Brear (copyright 2013)


  1. You should know the difference between a scheme and a proper direct selling company

    1. I think that it is abundantly clear, to anyone with fully-functioning critical and evaluative faculties, that I know exactly what is a closed-market swindle, or pyramid scheme, dissimulated behind a fake 'proper direct selling company,' in the same way that I know exactly who is a irresponsible traitor to the Indian republic, posing as a 'Responsible Indian.'

      David Brear (copyright 2013)

    2. Dear David,
      You have better judgement skill than the judiciary of 108 countries including USA....
      One of us is a a fool to believe it... people would figure out who is... :)

    3. Shantashil Ganguly - I take it that you are the previously-anonymous person who imagines himself to be a 'responsible Indian.'

      Your morally, and intellectually, feeble, but provocative, comment, in which you completely fail to address my detailed analysis of 'Amway/MLM' as cultic blame-the-victim racket comprising a dissimulated pyramid scam and related advance fee frauds, and refer to 'the judiciary of 108 countries' (implying that all these countries must have rigorously investigated 'Amway') can only have come from the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth.

      Unfortunately, your reasoning is flawed, because several senior Indian Judges have already looked at the available evidence, applied common-sense, and concluded that 'Amway' is a fraud. Therefore, I think that the free-thinking readers of this Blog will conclude that you must be either a fool or a crook.

      David Brear (copyright 2013)

  2. Indians are being cheated by deposit taking entities which may or may not use the direct sale model of business. Instead of attending to the specific flaw in the laws on deposit taking or on cheating of consumers, some statutory bodies (and even newspapers) are taking on a marketing method instead.

    In the cases of Saradha and Rose Valley, the attention of the media was focused correctly on the deposit taking and relevant questions were raised. Of course, in both cases there was no hint of any Pyramid scheme at play and no blame could be levied in that direction.

    Though I am no fan of Amway, I feel we are targeting these big companies .. just because they are sizable targets ... sensational enough ...that would sell papers.

  3. ow - Unfortunately, just like the young Indian Minister for Corporate Affairs, your logic is demonstrably-flawed right from the start of your comment, because you thoughtlessly describe so-called 'MLM direct selling' as a 'business model.'

    Where exactly are you getting this deeply-misleading 'direct selling' jargon from - do you have the slightest idea of its absurd origins?

    If you read my wider-analysis and apply some intellectual rigour, you will discover that 'MLM direct selling' is merely a thought-stopping 'commercial' term invented by a devious little gang of 3 American charlatans (Rehnborg, Mytinger and Casselberry) back in the 1950s, to dissimulate what can be described (using accurate deconstructed terms) as a closed-market swindle or pyramid fraud.

    The instigators of the 'Amway' racket, DeVos and VanAndel, were originally under-bosses in Rehnborg, Mytinger and Casselberry's racket which was hidden behind packets of pretty little pills, made from cheaply-procured common substances and peddled each month to victims of the fraud, for an estimated 1000% mark-up.

    Unlawful investments payments (made on the false expectation of future reward), or what you have described as 'deposits,' have always been present in 'MLM income opportunity' rackets like 'Amway.' However, since the 1950s, these unlawful deposits have simply been laundered as 'sales' by numerous devious gangs of 'MLM' racketeers, and effectively-unsaleable wampum given to the victims of the fraud, in return. There is no evidence that any significant quantity of this distracting-wampum has ever been regularly sold outside of these dissimulated closed-markets, to members of the general public.

    Due to the failure, and/or corruption, of the American regulatory system, the pernicious lie entitled 'MLM direct selling' has been allowed to spread all over the world, and it has caused an untold amount of financial, psychological and social damage in its wake.

    In reality, the effectively-unsaleable 'MLM' products might as well not exist, because, for more than 60 years, their real function has always been to prevent, and/or divert investigation, and/or prosecution, of fraud.

    Unfortunately, until this vital principal is clearly understood, you will remain at a pitifully low-level of understanding of how 'MLM income opportunity' racketeering has functioned, just like Sachin Pilot and countless journalists, law enforcement agents, prosecutors, legislators, etc., who have all completely failed to identify this grotesque criminogenic phenomenon, let alone stop it.

    David Brear (copyright 2013)

  4. Hi David,

    I appreciate the job you are doing and educating people about the schemes going on around us.

    Corporate Affairs Minister seems to have taken his designation literally and trying his best to have good AFFAIRS with the corporations.

    there is no doubt, that Amway is the mother of all intelligent scams,

    1. Thanks skt -

      Sachin Pilot's first responsibility is to the people who pay his salary: namely, the Indian public.

      Apparently, in ignorance of reality, Sachin Pilot has sided with foreign-based racketeers who steadfastly pretend affinity with all politicians who genuinely wish to promote free-market capitalism. For decades, the billionaire 'Amway' racketeers, and numerous copy-cat criminals, have easily duped gullible, and ill-informed, persons like Sachin Pilot simply by waving the 'Stars and Stripes' and hiding behind counterfeit 'direct selling companies.'

      If Sachin Pilot is unable to comprehend what he has actually become involved in here, then he is clearly not of a sufficiently high moral, and intellectual, calibre to hold public office in the world's largest democracy.

      That said, if the young Indian Minister for Corporate Affairs was to examine the evidence and publicly admit that he too was temporarily fooled by corporate Trojan Horses built by 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, then he would immediately go up in my estimation.

      Unfortunately, in my experience, once someone lke Sachin Pilot has been fooled, his self-esteem will not allow him to face reality. Yet, this is the key to understanding how cultic mental manipulation functions, and how gangs of abusive criminals, like the 'Amway' mob, have been able to get away with stealing from tens of millions of people around the globe.

      If Sachin Pilot were now to choose the honourable path of moral courage and intellectual rigour, he would undoubtedly be hailed as a hero; not only in the Indian republic, but also around the world.

      David Brear (copyright 2013)

  5. Very true David, but how many politicians have we seen who are morally courageous enough to take on his own words. I doubt Sachin Pilot is any different.

    I'm really impressed by the amount of knowledge and information you have about these schemes going on.

    In fact I wrote my first article about the Amway scam going on yesterday, people are rubbishing all the facts I have given.

    It would be a privilege if you can have a look and comment your perspective.

    All the best and continue the good work, you are motivational to people like me.

    1. Thanks again skt, but I am only you, albeit a bit further down the path to understanding this ongoing criminogenic phenomenon.

      In recent years, our world has again come to be been run by short-sighted leaders who, when given the choice between dishonour and global economic recession, have chosen dishonour, but we've got global economic recession. Hopefully, this tragicomic situation will not lead to the rise of extremism and war, as it did in the 1930s.

      Is is entirely possible that young Sachin Pilot is yet another short-sighted politician who is lacking moral courage, but, at the very least, he should be given the opportunity to educate himself and choose an honourable path.

      You will find that if, like Shyam Sundar and me, you dare to continue to challenge 'MLM income opportunity' racketeering, all manner of anonymous persons will suddenly appear on your Blog attempting to stop you from thinking calmly, and from expressing your thoughts clearly.

      The usual tactics of 'MLM income opportunity' apologists have comprised the attempted provocation of free-thinking challengers, by falsely accusing us of being ill-informed, having dishonest hidden motives, etc.

      Please remember my words, do not allow anyone pursuing these transparent tactics, to distract you.

      The person signing himself 'IBOFightback' who has already left a couple of thought-stopping comments on your new Blog, is 'Amway's' unmasked Lord Hee Haw, David Steadson. His extensive propaganda broadcasts on the Net, form part of an overall pattern on ongoing major racketeering activity as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, Act 1970. In an Ideal world, Mr Steadson would already be sat in a prison cell.

      My advice to you is to delete Mr. Steadson's provocative propaganda from your Blog, and ban him from ever returning.

      David Brear (copyright 2013)

  6. Yeah i'm getting what you are saying David, I don't give much heed to these kinda guys.

    I know Steadson runs a pro Amway website and has put 100's of videos on you tube preaching how good Amway is.
    Shyam has put couple of comments on that article replying to Steadson's comment. So i'm not going to delete his comment.

    People will realise what's good for them.

    1. skt

      The robotic Steadson/'IBOFB' character, which ignores reality and steadfastly pretends moral and intellectual authority, has been used to post literally thousands of reality-inverting, tightly-scripted comments on the Net.

      Google Alert takes this well-oiled propaganda machine to each and every site where 'Amway' is challenged on the Net. The robotic Steadson/'IBOFB' character arrives immediately to disrupt, and/or denigrate, the author. Sometimes the 'IBOFB' character has hovered for years on one site. Entering into a dialogue with this annoying machine, is the equivalent of banging your head on a wall. It has been running for many years, 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week and in different languages.

      It is the stated policy of this Blog not to publish the reality-inverting propaganda of 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, without detailed qualification or heavy irony.

      I would very much advise you to introduce a similar policy; for it will save you, and your free-thinking readers, a lot of time.

      David Brear (copyright 2013)

    2. [b]> People will realise what's good for them.[/b]
      Skt, you don't say so! People should have an opportunity to make informed and weighted decisions based on facts (both cons and pros), that's why David, Robert FitzPatrick, Jon Taylor and other people want to warn prospective victims PRO-active (before) rather than RE-active (after) when its' too late and very few would break through enforced 'binding arbitration' right to the state courts.

      When good people don't interfere then bad people celebrate their victory.

  7. Dear David--thank you for your very informative and topical articles.

    It's really weird that a very young Indian man got educated in the USA/UK, somehow got his post, but doesn't protect his (Indian) people from international frauds, including MLM, which is but a little disguised illegal pyramid scheme based on the 'endless' recruiting chains of investors who pay to the top (organizers and their court). After FTC vs. Amway'1979, when Amway was obliged to comply with the Retail Rules (namely "70% Rule", "Ten Customers Rule" and "Buy-Back Rule" -- which tell legitimate direct selling from illegal scheme) all MLM companies are primarily based on the infamous "internal consumption" and are illegal. If Mr. Pilot really turns so shallow and just a traitor of his people, that he really should consider changing his second name to "Kamikaze", "For-Sale", or "Mr. Venal".

    Anyway, dear MLM-doers (as potential criminals), could ANY of you provide your legal TAX RETURNS from MLM? So sad that many millions are so shy of their 'dreamable success.' How come ;)

  8. Dude,

    You just got one thing wrong -

    "Unfortunately, young Sachin Pilot (like his American equivalent, Sarah Palin) seems to have been promoted to his lofty governmental post more for his clean-cut, good-looks, than for his intellectual capacities;"

    Pilot's elevation had nothing to do with his looks, clean-cut or otherwise. He was elevated, plain and simply for being his father's son for such is the feudal practice of the Indian National Congress. He could have been twice as ugly as his sugar-daddy William Pickney and his elevation would have occurred just the same.

    Just one of those unfortunate facts of life, ...


  9. Girish - I bow to your first hand knowledge of Indian affairs, but I did refer to Sachin Pilot's (Congress party leader) father and I implied that nepotism (rather than feudalism) was at work. That said, I will stand by my parallel analysis concerning Sachin's rapid promotion due to his clean-cut good looks.

    The Congress party's handsome, young warrior Prince(complete with beautiful Princess) could have come straight from Bollywood central casting, and his party's leadership must know that Sachin's innocent smile will shut down the critical faculties of many voters.

    If you look outside of India, the phenomenon of attractive celebrities who enter politics, and attractive politicians (along with their spouses) who become celebrities, has been growing in recent years.

    I get the distinct impression that Sachin Pilot isn't acting, he really does believe that he was born to rule. Unfortunately, it is child's play to manipulate such persons - by reflecting back their own inflated view of themselves as reality. Self-evidently, flattery, coupled with large 'donations' and empty promises to 'bring prosperity to India,' is how 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have co-opted the ill-informed Sachin Pilot and his ill-informed associates.

    David Brear (copyright 2013)