Saturday 1 February 2014

'Amway' racketeer, Doug DeVos, has tried to deceive the Indian authorities.

Doug DeVos, one of the narcissistic bosses of the blame-the-victim 'MLM Income Opportunity' racket known as 'Amway,' has recently been in India as part of a flagrant attempt to obstruct justice in order to continue to commit fraud. Laughably, even though common-sense, as well as his company's own documentation, has proved that virtually no 'Amway' wampum has ever been sold to the general public (based on value and demand), in what appears to be a sham interview with Ratna Bhushan of the Economic Times of India, DeVos steadfastly pretended that :

 'the direct selling industry hopes to make its messages clearer and simpler to its stakeholders in India besides convincing the authorities that it's a bonafide business and not to be confused with scamsters running pyramid schemes. '

'Amway' stooge, William Pinckney, and two expendable associates (Sanjay Malhotra and Anshu Budhraja), are still facing charges of fraud in the Indian state of Kerala. Yet it is US based racketeers, like Doug DeVos, who have been pocketing most of the cash.

When fed a sycophantic question about the recent arrest for fraud of 'Amway's' Indian stooges, Doug DeVos recited absurd lies, whilst pretending affinity with the Indian public and regulators:

'Regulation was misapplied to our industry and that should not happen. We have been in operation for 100 years... We are as interested in identifying fraud and protecting consumers from fraud as the government is.'

Meanwhile, back in the adult world of reality, it wasn't Indian trade regulators who arrested William Pinckney, and his associates, and charged them with criminal fraud, it was the Indian police. Indeed, if I was a senior Indian law enforcement agent, I'd be very interested to know how such an obvious racket as 'Amway' got past Indian trade regulators in the first place; for over 60 years of quantifiable evidence, proves beyond all reasonable doubt that what has become popularly known as 'Multi-Level Marketing' is nothing more than an absurd, cultic, economic pseudo-science hiding in plain view, and that the impressive-sounding made-up term, 'MLM,' is, therefore, part of an extensive, thought-stopping, non-traditional jargon which has been developed, and constantly-repeated, by the instigators, and associates, of various, copy-cat, major, and minor, ongoing organized crime groups (lurking behind labyrinths of legally-registered corporate structures) to shut-down the critical, and evaluative, faculties of victims, and of casual observers, in order to perpetrate, and dissimulate, a series of blame-the-victim closed-market swindles or pyramid scams (dressed up as 'legitimate direct selling income opportunites'), and related advance-fee frauds (dressed up as 'legitimate training and motivation, self-betterment, programs,' etc.).

No matter what world-class liars like Doug DeVos continue to claim, no free-thinking observer now seriously disputes that the most-deluded, core-'MLM' adherents see the world only in two illusory dimensions, 'positive vs negative.' 

Indian  'Amway' adherents at a typical pay-through-the-nose-to-enter 'MLM' orgy of deluded self-gratification.

The growing mountain of evidence shows that vast numbers of ill-informed victims have been deceived into entering this style of dissimulated cultic swindle, then, on the pretext that 'the exact duplication of a step-by-step positive plan will lead to success and limitless financial freedom,they have been intellectually-castrated (without their fully-informed consent) so that their minds will only accept what their leaders have arbitrarily defined as 'positive,' whilst systematically excluding what these same cultic charlatans have arbitrarily defined as 'negative.' Thus, when seen only in the fake 'positive' context of: 'Business', 'Independence', 'Financial Freedom' , 'Low Risk' , 'Direct Selling', 'High Quality, Good-Value, Scientifically-Proven Products', 'Research','Development', etc. 'MLM income opportunities' can appear to be authentic. 

Hiding in plain view - the 'Amway' bosses used stolen money to co-opt a popular Bollywood star, Diya Mirza, in order to shut down the critical, and evaluative, faculties of victims and casual observers in India.

Sadly, this dangerous inversion of reality has been further confirmed by celebrity/political/scientific/corporate endorsements contained in glossy-advertising. 

Self-evidently, when the wider-picture is examined (by persons with fully-functioning critical and evaluative faculties), all two-dimensional 'MLM' propaganda forms a pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity, because these artificially-created, fake 'positive' contexts have actually been financed by the proceeds of crime in order to perpetrate further crime and to prevent the victims from confronting reality and complaining. 

David Brear (copyright 2014)

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