Tuesday 13 January 2015

'Herbalife (HLF)' - An informational video on identifying and protecting yourself against pyramid schemes.



  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to post this here in the hopes that people from Seeking Alpha might see it. I posted there under the name "Fan of the Droid". I was just banned permanently from the site.

    There were a few people there I communicated with and I'm unable to even tell them why I suddenly left in mid-conversation. It seems the herbalife distributors there were intent on shutting down dissent. It won't help in the long run, herbalife's days are numbered.

    1. 'Fan of the Droid' - In the end, Seeking Alpha's public attitude towards 'Herbalife,' is not only absurd, but also irresponsible and bordering on criminal, because privately, the SA moderators know full-well that 'Herbalife' is a fraud.

      In other words, just like the regulators at the FTC, what SA moderators would say to members of their own familes about 'Herbalife,' they have not been prepared to say to the public.

      The business of SA is to attract readers, not to warn the public.

      Unfortunately, Seeking Alpha is a morality free zone and its employees would have been obliged to adopt the same irresponsible position in regard to the Madoff affair, had that ever become the subject of public debate.

      We won't even get letters of apology from SA when 'Herbalife' is closed down.

    2. The articles on SA are all anti Herbalife!! Pro Herbalife are also banned for breaking the rules!!

    3. Anonymous - I presume that you are not the 'Anonymous' above.

      How do you know that 'Herbalife' propagandists are being banned from SA, unless you are one of them?

      Commentators on SA seem to get banned due to the quantity of complaints (deemed 'valid' by the moderators) which are lodged against them. The 'one-size fits all' rules of SA, are classic of this type of platform, and they take absolutely no account of the racketeering activity lurking behind 'Herbalife.'

      There are many comments which have appeared on SA which are clearly designed to prevent victims of fraud from complaining. These comments are an attempt to obstruct justice, as such they are criminal acts forming part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity, but if you were publish such a well-informed and reponsible analysis, you would almost certainly be banned by SA's ill-informed and irresponsible moderators..

  2. here is a lady: fbl.me/RAWomyn that is a covert scienologist that never told anyone and used Ariix to suck people in and charged them thousands for binary positions in her downline and then created a fraudulent reality show in Hollywood where I volunteered to help where she charged participants 25k up to 80k to be a part of it. she called it 1 year to millionaire. she then canceled this show and took off with almost half a million on cash. Its going public very soon