Monday 15 May 2017

New (Timeless Vie) petition to Facebook requesting a "Do Not Contact" list for 'MLMs'

Blog Readers are invited to sign this petition:

"Are you tired of being targeted by multi-level marketing reps like Isagenix, Younique, Mary Kay etc in your community or on social media?  Have you seen vulnerable people pulled into these schemes?
We want to create a Do No Contact list so that this stops.  We know a lot of people find it hard to say no to friends and family who are sucked into these schemes - this way they'll know beforehand you aren't interested and take the personal element out of it for you. We have big plans  - please sign!"


  1. I signed it!

    Also, it isn't just friends and family that are plaguing FB. There are groups dedicated to MLM and I also routinely get ads, because I have liked Ethan Vanderbuilt posts, for pro-MLM and pro-Financial Guru seminars and opportunities. It is truly ghoulish, but I have to see Robert Kiyosaki's dumb smiling face along with thousands of his fans commenting every day as I scroll through my feed to see who is doing what (I know I'm horrible, but I love seeing my people's lives).

    FaceBook is so littered with trash at this point, I can tell some of my friends have become warped and toxic. They constantly like these pages for Maxwell, Kiyosaki, Lopez, and more of these get-rich-quick people. It is sadly astounding to see how our public education has let these young people down. I don't expect us to have a perfect record for people avoiding scams, but I know we can do a lot better.

    The other day I got propositioned for ENAGIC!!! I can't believe that is still a thing!

  2. What you are doing is really important. I posted my story to Timeless Vie yesterday if you are interested in reading. What can ex MLM-ers do to help? I want to remain anonymous- lots I know are still involved, and they will cause untold havoc if they knew I was 'out' like this (I'm just inactive at the moment).

    1. Anonymous - Thanks!

      I'm always happy to hear from persons who have thought their way out of the 'MLM' trap.

      Please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail