Thursday 30 October 2014

Warning: 'Herbalife (HLF)' Kills!

Readers should note that even when a 'Herbalife' adherent drops dead, the mainstream media still doesn't have the beginnings of clue that 'Herbalife' has been the corporate front for a blame-the-victim cultic racket, or that this racket continues to poison the lives of millions of vulnerable persons around the globe.

David Brear (copyright 2014)


Lorena Peralta Baltazar, 28, was rushed to hospital complaining of kidney pains but she died later that day

A young woman who lived off a diet of miracle weight loss shakes for six months died after being taken to hospital complaining of kidney pains.
Lorena Peralta Baltazar, 28, from Mexico, was ‘becoming addicted’ to Herbalife products in a bid to lose weight, her father Luis Peralta told local media.
But after several months she began to feel pain all over her body which became so severe that she was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, October 14, in Chiapas, in the south of the country, he claimed.
She failed to recover from her aches and later died the same day.
Upon examining her body, doctors found she had a large amount of lead in her blood, which caused kidney failure and may have damaged her liver, pancreas and other organs, reports La Policia.

Youtube / AlejandraSOPITAS AsPrensa Lorena Peralta Baltazar
Painful: Lorena was ‘addicted’ to weight loss shakes before she died, her father claims

Herbalife are a health company endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo that offers nutritional programmes for people to lose weight and gain other benefits through a range of methods, including meal replacement shakes.
Back in 2008 Reuters reported Spain issued a warning on the consumption of some of Herbalife products, due to ‘suspicious cases of liver damage’.
But a company spokesperson hit back at the time and said: "For more than 28 years, tens of millions of Herbalife consumers worldwide have been safely using Herbalife products with an extremely low incidence of serious adverse event reports citing liver function abnormalities."
Herbalife chief scientific officer Steve Henig Ph.D added: "It’s a fact that many natural and processed foods including vegetables and dairy products as well as our products, which are made with natural ingredients, contain extremely small amounts of naturally occurring lead that can be detected by today’s highly sensitive analytical methods but are insignificant in posing any risk to consumers.”
In an advertisement posted to Herbalife’s YouTube page in March this year, Cristiano Ronaldo said: "I see part of my work it’s the body. It’s a weapon for me, you can have a fantastic talent but if you don’t do the proper things you’re not going to be the best.
"It was a fantastic honour to be a part of the family of Herbalife, they like to work with me and I like to work with them, they are professional and they are honest."
Weight loss shakes have become increasingly popular over the past few years as people try to regain a healthy figure.
Under a typical programme, users can expect to lose several pounds by substituting meals with nutritious shakes or bars.
There has been no suggestion that products made by companies involved in the weight loss shake industry can be harmful to your health.
Mirror Online has contacted Herbalife for a comment.


  1. When someone dared mention this on SeekingAlpha it was promptly deleted. There was nothing inflammatory about the comment. In no way did it violate the guidelines of the site. Yet it was removed.

  2. Barbara - This story was potentially very damaging to 'Herbalife,' so extraordinary measures were taken to kill it.

    The 'Herbalife' mob immediately produced an (apparently independent), senior Mexican doctor (from the hospital in which this young woman had been treated) to refute all the previous media reports, and to deny that any other doctor at the hospital had made a statement linking the death to 'Herbalife' products.

    The original story also vanished from the Mirror Online after the 'Herbalife' Ministry of Truth issued its own authorized version of events which was completely different to the previous media version.

    Doctor, Jairo Trejo Pérez's letter stated that Lorena Peralta Baltazar (who apparently was not his patient), had died as a result of a previous serious illness and not lead poisoning from 'Herbalife' products. Within just a few hours of the original story appearing, a copy of this letter appeared in a lengthy 100% 'positive' broadcast from the 'Herbalife' Ministry of Truth.

    The 'Herbalife press release' was copyright protected.

  3. Comment removal at SeekingAlpha is capricious at best, always favoring the corporate cheerleaders over the skeptics. I've seen comments removed for highly questionable reasons. Others, that are clearly racist, homophobic, or personally abusive, are allowed to remain.

    One herbaltroll has declared himself an expert. SA allows this when it's clear that he's an industry shill. One comment was removed for using the word goons to describe the herbalife distributors who spat upon the Hispanic protesters. I thought the word was apt, and mild compared to what they should have been called.

    1. Barbara - I wouldn't be too sure that 'Herbalife' propagandists are favoured at SA when it comes to comment removal. That said, I do understand why it might appear that way.

      For a start, most free-thinking commentators wouldn't complain about 'MLM' propagandists revealing themselves as abusive, racist and homophobic. However, SA is just like Wikipedia, in that the platform's own short-sighted rules can be used to stifle intellectually rigorous debate for trivial, or imagined, reasons. It seems that almost anything can be posted on SA, provided no one complains citing the appropriate rule for removal. A word like, 'goon,' is an accurate use of the English language in respect of 'MLM' mobs, but you can see how some politically-correct, pimply-faced youth at SA could be easily led to think otherwise.

      The criminals behind 'Herbalife' and other 'MLM' rackets have been deluging SA with complaints about comments on almost any pretext. Furthermore, they have been deliberately provoking the most courageous 'critics' of 'MLM' hoping to get them banned . This transparent information control tactic, is known as 'Bull-Baiting' in 'Scientology.'

      A lot of what has taken place on SA forms part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity. I belive that I have pointed this fact out on SA, and my comments on the subject were not removed. I have also made the same point to responsible employees of SA.

      Remember, the main objective of SA is not to arrive at the truth, but to attract regular readers and, thus, make money.

  4. In México money talks so i think they paid the doctor to say that